Thursday, December 17, 2009

remains seen

A-woke late this morning, but I woke. I’ve been blessed with, I’m sure, another invigorating day. I had been everywhere about these farms today spending 90% of my time searching for either components or parts. Geez-o-peet, however have we run out of everything. Little stuff really but essential to finish a good sized jobs or project. What I sacrifice for some properly limp heavy duty charger/starter/booster cable replacements. Was also in need of proper sized feral/boltable-wireends for chargers wired connections. Wanting make at least three repairs to the east winter pasture I found we are out of heavy fence wire crimp on ferrules. When had all those been used?
Closest I came to any kind of an accomplishment, today, I rearranged and reset the blockings and body jacks for widening the Tall Ollie’s front axle. Working by myself I was not only short handed, but I was short body counted able to pursue that project any further. Reason? It’d take one man heating the axle’s outer shell while two more man the three/four hydraulic jacks to accomplish the axle movement to widening the rust and dirt bound axel assembly.
My ladies are off their feed the second day in a row, as I fed them one bale yesterday and one today. The normal rationing is two bales a day with an occasional odd bale left out. Oh well, It’ll all even out someday.
Now, getting back to the new battery chargers replacement cables, I guess I’m sacrificing my thirty five some year olds I’ve carried with me all those years. Fortunately I’ve at least three and a half more varied sets floating about the farms. The second best set is kept on the Cushman for charging batteries in tractors parked some distance from an outlet. The third best set going to Ugly are an old roadside trash liberated allowing them an opportunity at an extended life. Well! They’re all paid for any way.
At last! I know what I can get us for Christmas: a brand new well made handy dandy sterlingly made can opener! That damnable old one gave me quite a difficult time my trying to cleanly open a can of applesauce. I just didn’t want the applesauce, I neded that applesauce…….. BGKC.

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