Thursday, December 10, 2009

appointment - disappointment

I woke up in a cowardly mood this morning for fear of looking outside to see what I might have seen. };^)) Radio, TV, and internet weather forecasts had suggested the worst: lots of snow and wind to blow with it I expected to see snow measured in feet blown higher than the ramp including the firewood pile. Bravery getting the better of me I finally looked out the door’s window on the premise if my worst fears were to be true that mindfully theoretically window the highest in the house from which I could look outside to see the top most snow flake to come to rest on the expected pile to have snowen me in. };^))
Imagine my disappointment the afore mentioned weather conditioning what had never come true. I faced nothing extraordinarily higher than a mere caked snow Mother’s Naturedly freeze packed measuring may be as much as a whole inch deep in every direction I looked.
Seeing what little snow I’d got to contend with I still surmised I had to clear the ramp off for safe passage either direction. That frozen white winter frosting was going to be an expected chore to attempt shoveling off. A lazy streak filling my mind on my sore lower back I’d preferred to address those slanted boards with another seasoning’s covering, salt. Only it takes 28* degree temperatures to effectively work salt, and it was only 27* out there. }:^(( Even before letting myself out to face the elements I had begun to wonder if the highest snow drifts might themselves have been blown up as deep as a whole even numbered 1½” depth.
Not a whole lot to write about today as far as the whole day is concerned. As it had turned out the deck and ramp merely needed an easy sweeping off. So now I’ll start logging the dreary or totally boring aspects of the day. I had a time in the sheltering shop setting up horizontal jacks one pulling, another on pushing the Tall Ollie’s front axle to free it, so’s we can move it adjusting its tract to a new width. Then beating the Hell out of the tall right front spindle with a BFH (big freaking hammer) to no real avail, but I have high hopes I’ll achieve a movement soon of any kind.
Taking a look at today’s weather I was ever so glad I was doing my thing inside the sheltering shop walls keeping me out of the cold and extremely windy elements. I’ve got to report it as it had felt colder than the balls on a pool table.
Now at long last for some more colorful aspects of the day I had finally gotten to see and talk to Miss Loopy about her one in a million Scooby Doo’s behavior a few days back. By and By it seems calling ahead there was time for me to stop by Miss Loopy’s estate to enjoy one of her very priceless coffees. Meeting me at her door that day Scoob behavior and talk was in an entirely different mood. No jumping about can’t wait to enjoy see ya our most unusual relationship. He privileges me with the sole scratching his backside in that area of his anatomy over his hips. Ah, that bit of enlightenment delivered, I was given to sample Miss Loopy’s potato soup. OMG, it was absolutely delicious. I could not contain my enthusiasm for her culinary artistry. Sparky (spouse) coming in or rather passing through he was on his way back out the door for what was left of 45 minutes light to hunt himself down a deer. Well Loop insisted he at least try a half bowl her soup. He did, He also complimented her on it (as he should do) and split. I sincerely hope he didn’t blown away out there. BGKC, while I continue to thaw myself out.


Paula said...

Stay warm.

Donna said...

Whatever happened to Loopy? I haven't seen hide nor hair of her lately.