Saturday, December 12, 2009

I been accused….

….worse yet….I’ve been caught playing patty cake with another body what wasn’t that was not mine given to be my very own. It’s oh all so true. Frieda caught me with my hands full. Not so difficult to explain really as cold as the weather’s been the last three days. I simply had to find another body acceptable to warm my hands as Frieda will no longer let me warm my cold paws upon her. (sniff) A male thing she’d surely exclaim. That habit had started and had grown out off romantic intentions some many days of old. Acceptable then one-thing usually leading to another. Now, her attitude is something like she ain’t letting me start something we may no longer finish. (sob)
What’s a man to do? I don’t live by bread …err…breath alone. It’s like this cold weather brings out these achy-achy feelings within my fingers. So I’ve sought out another complacent warm body that’d accept my advances. To my surprise it wasn’t difficult. It was as easy as finding that warm soul right under my nose. Why all this time this other warm body had been so close, yet I had never paid any attention to what was written on the name tag. While I had seen the charms in passing a countless number of times I think I can sheepishly say I hadn’t even looked all that closely at those let alone at the printed name tag, even right up front. Regardless my having ignored the obvious name tag when I’d taken to seeking that body’s comfort, as close as we were I admit this time I was given a good look at the given name. A Triumph it was. So happy I was dallying about it, over her, feeling the warmth I never bothered to ask whether sheesh had been this forward with anyone else. Sheesh likely not answered me anyway. As closed mouthed as always still excepting when even silently opened mouthed to be fed. And there were times when all the wider open mouthed than other’s. Burning me up all I got was a burned ash out of her whenever I had paid more attention to some times than simply other passing times. But, then what might a real man expect from a comely ordinary hot-box?
Well! My secret’s out. Frieda will just have to accept my going elsewhere to take another body to my hands as a mere trivial matter. As flat topped as the new body may appear, the new interest in my life, these days it’s warm bodied as Hell. So what? I patty caked with a cast iron trivet a-sitting upon the warm hearted woodstove. I feel it this way; a warm hearth beats a cold heart.
So happy to have seen the wind die, I didn't even go to the funeral.
Then winds having diminished as it were. Without them today (I swear) the day felt 20* warmer than yesterday. I was outside all day enjoying every sun filled moment of it. I believe I might have even tanned some.
Had to grind today. Setting up I had an accident knocking the prime elevator off the grinder-mixer. That was fun putting back on all by myself. Biggest help I had was the 4020 JD to lift the fallen elevator. The best help I had was a four foot 2x4 four foot long for a very useful lever. Then I discovered I were low on supplies I get to do it all over gain Monday. At least without any accidents, if you please That’s what I get for not checking supplies for myself. Arrggghhhh!
Was on late afternoon I was invited to check on heating stoves installations in the Yoder house. From what little I saw, I wouldn’t let them butchers pull a nail out of my house let alone saw into it! Long on carelessness, long on poor workmanship, I’ll not let one of them drive a nail in my barn without close supervision. I was taught if anything was worth doing it were worth doing right.
The materials supplied them, if they’re all used I think the house will be saved from harm (burned down) in spite of that crew. I had even cost free offered to initially help and was turned down.
It’s been a good day. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. BGKC.

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