Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It is cold. Wouldn’t be so bad if the winds would ease up on us, as they had for us a sunny day a couple days ago..
I did my chores, I did Ray’s chores, and the kids did their chores. It’s bad when the chores are the only activities I’m remembering. Reading my own words were these chores the culmunary highlight of my whole day?
I tried a local family owned auto parts store for a fuel cap replacement for the transfer fuel tank. $39.99 I paid yesterday is just to blamed costly a price. So it’s now WE are looking for that more reasonably priced fuel tank cap. It’s not that I’m cheap. It’s just that I am cheap. I have an aversion to paying more for something I need isn’t worth that kind of useful money’s spent upon it.
I finally got around to taking my new battery charger-jumper apart. Not! Not to see what it looked like inside nor just for something to do. The fool machine has a to stiff a problem with its + and - built in battery cables. Those cables had been so cussed stiff even in warm weather. This cold weather has simply made them near impossible to use as they’re even stiffened more in this cold weather when I need the instrument the most. So we’re also shopping for a limp (say) set of jumper cables for charger cable replacements.
I walked by and/or past the Tall Ollie more than once today. During one of those passing’s I might even had given it a pat on the back side one of the rear drivers. Would my patting that rear driver on the backside be anything like patting Her Mostess upon her ba…baa……uh..…naugh……..never mind.
Thinking about tomorrow, if the winds will only let up for another day as they had only a couple days ago, I’m thinking I’ll do a better job or remembering to make a couple repairs to the electric fence keeping the ladies honestly in this year’s east side wintering yard. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh my goodness Fernan you've reduced yourself to patting machines?