Friday, December 4, 2009

Got My Flaps down.

And, they weren’t down for either a take off or landing. They was down so’s my hat don’t blow away in wind……… brrrr Would you believe for the wind?
A reminded on another channel brought to my mind the behavioral differences of three friends. We all have friends we’ve cherished for what they were not for what carelessness’s they had fostered. One young fellow calling him Merlin some years ago was always borrowing tool or implement from me for one use or another. Many the time when he was done with he’d brought it back either abused, badly worn or broken. Then he raised Hell with me for lending him such substandard equipment. Another friend of mine Rick (gone now) was always borrowing tools of which I’d never see again. Then emphatically swore up and down he’d returned them. The last gentleman Norm (also gone now) was always borrowing my tools of which he’d always return in good time in better order than when he had borrowed any of them. A many a time when something of mine needed attention I had jokingly asked him if he needed to borrow that particular tool. All three good hearted generous men yet took an individual view point of how to use and treat others belongings.
A grand start for me this morning. The only soul who’d have anything to do with me was Handy and that was even after I had told him I wanted to involve in the shyity job replacing half the livestock trailer’s floor. Removing the broken up portion the floor and putting back down were the easy parts. The weather just cold enough to freeze the offal in all the joints what needed either chipping, chiseling, and/or scraping it clean for refitting the new planks for old. This project took us from morning’s tart on through to mid afternoon. Broke for lunch and traded Handy out for his help. It was getting onto dark when I was given up for finishing the trailer floor. Outdoor stuff tools (and such) taken in, trash stacked for next week’s trash pickup.
Only one make fix project makes for a short journal work day entry. BGKC.