Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a Day

Starting with a right turn out of driveway before dawn I’ll admit this morning was one of my earliest starts of late. At every turn I was to meet a predawn school bus picking up children. My rump had puckered a couple time just a trying to get a grip on an out of sight cushion spring under the foam padding, our near slipping and sliding into a couple intersections. Did a one quarter donut on some black ice. I can report there was plenty of that icy stuff.
Underway my first stop was Sues Home for lists and coupons. To early for whole sale grocery pickups I went beyond to TSC: for salt, feed, broken tool replacements, transfer fuel tank cap, and gloves. On the road again I headed for the Clio city streets to stop for Ugly’s refueling. Next stop was the village grocer’s with Frieda’s shopping list for our needs (as long as I was out on the road). Most importantly I stocked up on beer and for those rolls what can‘t be gone without until the library paper work’s done. J I had one more senior center stop to pick up six couponed cases surplus grocery supplies. Sue had said she didn’t need hers although she could use the fruit. So her’s could be quickly taken care at another later stop, an easy country driven relief. I don’t think anybody may be more delighted to drive country roads than myself. Exiting the city it’s traffic and traffic lights is my greatest joy anymore when I’m pressed into motoring beyond any two/three mile radius of home. The truck loaded, cargo box and cab alike. My next stop was to hand off five of the six grocery cases to a four family shacking up due to Michigan’s broken manufacturing economy positive to see everybody broken. Did I happen to mention two more houses in my neighborhood have been foreclosed. It saddens my heart to witness so many families forced out what houses they had worked so hard to have started making their own homes. It’s one of these four shacked families situations we’re helping what we can. Wherever one drives we see houses stand empty or emptied by hard hearted banks what have decided not to refinance houses people have lived in to ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty yrs. I don’t get it? Some of those families had to have had some equity worth refinancing? I just don’t get it? Millions of dollars to fatten bankers pockets who refuse to use those same funds to help families keep their homes!
Getting back on tract my last stop was by the shop to drop off salt and other shopped stuff(?) and pickup the emptied feed wagon. Finally getting home having also picked up Tom to help me we got the feed that needed grinding today ground. Delivering and spotting the filled feed wagon snow flurries were beginning to dance upon varying air currents creating a lived in pretty scene. By the time I got home for my own lunch by 3:00PM I think I had already put in a good day. Cold and hungry I took an hour to lunch (for one thing) and by the time I thought about betting back outside, the sky so overcast, sundown was coming on earlier than usual. And the quiet snow dancing only an hour earlier was driven on a horizontal plain by winds building in intensity, visibility was diminishing.
I’m In, I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I’ve got a warm fire going, and going to bed. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I love those country roads. No traffic and you just never know what you may see.