Tuesday, December 1, 2009

to cell or not to cell

Yesterday last day shotgun/rifle deer season, last night at dark saw four deer just off the shoulder of the road and a ten point buck when I had dropped off Handy our coming back from the Crossroads.
A bit of recent family history.
Herr Clink ragged on me for months to get a cell phone. Brother was in the hospital for months for a chopper accident near killing him. I became run down holding the farm yards together by myself. Rundown I was finally diagnosed with heart, lung, and liver diseases, plus I wasn’t expected even feel it when my time came come my never knowing I had hit the ground. Maybe she might have figured I could say GoodBye on my way down and out?
The first cell was the best I had ever had. That was 10 years ago. It worked everywhere. As time went on the battery died. No battery available I had to upgrade. HA! Upgrading has been a down hill slide ever since. However the cell’s use has been a heavy time and fuel saver. Six/seven months use out of the year two cells have more than broken even on cost’s use.
The biggest single thing what bothers me, two things really, is when my hands are full somebody wants me, or something or other I haven’t time for. The worst are the wanna chat calls. I can’t turn it off, as we’re two handicrapers dependent up their life saving capabilities bringing us help (the medical biggy) fuel, tools, parts; should we need any those. The cell phone ring has been, it’s worked out, our first step to first-aid one of us in trouble at least twice/thrice over the last eeelemon years.
Grinning and bearing it…..
Now, onto today’s brighter enlightenments:
First thing right turn out the driveway it was elevator for supplements, then on down the road for Tom and empty feed wagon. It was the day to grind fresh feed.
Delivery the feed or ground feed we came upon this tractor with full grain bin combined corn loading into semi truck trailer. And the harvest goes on.
Far right in picture may be seen one of my posted post’s posted sign
I don’t know that I accomplished anything after that? I poked around into this’d’that the last of morning right on into the afternoon‘s beginning. Well maybe I did manage to make a couple headlight brackets for the John Deere-4020. Having the work lights off the old 4020 cab I’ll fit two of those to the back the JD’s better cab. So all the time spent wasn’t totally lost.
Late this afternoon had to take Frieda to Doc’s office. Her left knee paining her so there’s talk she’ll see her knee surgeon for another replacement.
Dropping Frieda off I moseyed up the road a mile to see Brian for a low back adjustment. Oooh, ouch, ouch, snap, crackle, pop, ouch, ouch, he got my left side’s sacroiliac back in place. I think I had felt it go out the other day grinding feed. Then when I got up this AM my sacroiliac certainly did it’s talking to the rest of me. Having to grind grain again this AM, and having to transport Her Mostess, and having to pickup my over the counter drugs on today’s senior citizen discount day. Then having to wait an hour for one of Frieda’s meds to be called in that was a fun hour shot. Not all was lost as I had managed to call Doc’s office calling the receptionist “Beautiful” while encouraging her to expedite the script thing. Time passing the pharmacist wanting to get rid of me and the crowd I was entertaining with my banter he called the receptionist his also calling her “Beautiful” also. The nerve of him using my line. Evidently it worked a moment later it had the script came back, called in.
Finally on my way home, I had firewood to bring in, the ladies to feed, and I had wanted to try my newly homemade light brackets on the JD. Then somewhere within my busy fading light activities Her Mostess calls me to come get her. Sheesh! Only a couple hours prior she had told me I needn’t been bothered. Our daughter was going to bring her home. While I went on with what I had to do while I still had even a smidgen of daylight I celled daughter. She having thought she was supposed to pick up her mother up on her mother’s beckoning call. Fine thing, a mother having forgotten she was to call her daughter in the first place. Oh Lawd, give me strength.
Now for another something entirely different. I telephone service plainly unraveling.
Photobucket Such a lovely picture of a Verizon telephone service lives holding up what’s left of a cut off dead tree. I don’t want to suggest Verizon should ever hurry any, but a decade a dead tree hanging around? BGKC.

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