Sunday, December 13, 2009

12-13-o9 sleet and ice….

Sleet and ice was the morning fare. As the day warmed up, luckily the paved roads improved. Our road a 3rd class stone road started the day a slip and slid passage anyone venturing out on it. I laid around the house until the noon hour before I took it on. Fortunately it had slushed up some making it just a little easier than worrying where one my slid off the road and find themselves softly tilted in a roadside ditch. Spent my afternoon in the shop breaking everything down on the right side for moving to left side. Set up was quicker this time as everything needed was already out merely needing moved and reset.
Ray heated while I jacked and indirectly beat on the left axle spindle. I had thought to twice take a picture and forgot both times, of the rather neat striker (for lack of knowing if there’s already a name for it?) to fit the axel housing to beat on without collateral damage to the original spindle housing.
With all the heat, with all the BFH beating, we only managed to loosen the axel assembly’s width pin lock.
It’s midnight past I’ve mysteriously awakened this time. I’m still reliving yesterday unable to make my words account for something more than a boring Journal entry. Alright I’ll give in to me insensibilities and try and analyze my thoughts.
Moments ago I had set up swung my feet over the side of the bed and wondered what or more pointedly why had I wakened. I hadn’t waken for a nature’s need. I had no thoughts of throwing another log on the fire. I simply sat there seeing a small light reminding me I hadn’t turned off my computer. Trying to remember how that had come about I though I had better. Then sitting down to it I read a reference to turtles this in turn causing me to wonder how to interpret what some of us as individuals are trying to say in the words we set down. No Samuel Clemens I still manage to string a few letters into words meaning full enough they cause me to look into my own soul, my own life, and heart.
What might be my mortal life’s contribution amount to my gifted time upon this earth? Was I gifted to build houses what were the homes where in some happy families lived and grown? Had I opened the outdoors showing from the deck of a boat how small we were as individuals upon the face of the earth. Having spent times in the wilderness some days at a time to unceremoniously keep a marriage together as per an ailing lady’s request which left me spending days living off the land in places were a troubled person might see the simplest rudiments of life in plants and animals. Yah-yeah, I know, I’m writing in circles in the middle of a lightless sky, bout as clouded over as liking the gathering of cobwebs over my mind. Yet from lessons learned should we look after our a neighbor, another neighbor may look after us. The greatest gifts are the simplest gifts from another body’s given heart. BGKC.

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