Saturday, December 12, 2009

12-11-o9 An Craving?

Some of the weirdest thoughts may run through a human’s mind.
How long have I got before my skin takes on the color and texture of an orange? My problem might have started a few days ago when I had gone marketing for my Frieda. On entering the store and going through the custom routine selecting a shopping cart I proceeded to my right heading towards the commercial baked goods isle to pick off a shelf the soft dough baked Oat bread. It was along the front most isle I came upon one of the customarily staked specials neatly arranged to entice a customers demand. The ploy had worked. I just seemed to have to have a bag of such big ripe, healthy looking fruit globes. That was then. Okay I ate one each evening or a bedtime snack which I’d say may be perfectly acceptable behavior. However it is midnight in the Middle of this late/early hour writing and I’ve just finished off a third midnight orange (say?). Could I become addicted to oranges? It’s been fifty years and a month since I’ve drinken my last glass orange juice. I so like eating oranges, but three in one setting and believe me I could right now just peel and chew another refrigerated orange into oblivion.
What? What am I short of? Have I an inherit need for vitamin “C,” vitamin “D,” potassium, or one, two or all three? Oh Lowd this bagged their orangey flavor seemed to also include a tincture of grapefruit flavoring? Could a Grapefruit tree have been near by from where a bee could have carried the pollinated change in these oranges flavor? On another completely different tangent looking deeper, is this a the feminine side craving to satisfy at an impossible age, gender, biological impossibility something that can never happen? I’ve never thought myself unhappy such as the male I am. I have always liked the serious guy doing things: cowboys and Indians, cars and trucks, baseball, bicycling, onto hunting /fishing and then the rediscovered girls I wanted to drag a pretty one of my own back to my cave home to clean cook, and satisfy my lustful need. How long have I got before my skin takes to the color and texture of an orange?
Eyelids getting heavy it’s time I return to my pallet for another day born I must be rested for it. A-men.
Woke up to immeasurable snow dusting. 13*, 15mph winds, feels like -1* tp -7* below here. Our old neighborhood, lower Mi’s western shores are getting Lake Mi effect snow dumped all over’em. Believe it or not living 200 mi ENE of South Haven, away from the Great Lakes, living in a less humid area, it feels warmer here and of course without all that fresh water snow we‘d plowed and piled.
Frieda’s leg bothering her, which might I add hasn’t bothered me for some time, she had announced I had to fix my own breakfast. Taking up her challenge I toasted four slices soft dough oat bread. On that toast I first slathered genuine real butter across the face of each, in turn plastered generous amounts of Philly cream cheese all over there softened faces. If for nothing else, I see myself dubbedly just-a maintaining a well kept figure. So well kept in fact I see myself wearing bibs two perhaps three sizes larger by 2010’s Spring season.
Best part of day took place within the confining walls of the shop where in we had managed after three days frustration through the combined efforts of three/four grown boys we finally had moved the right front the Tall Ollie’s axle out 7”. I’d have liked a warm Miller’s celebration but (sob) I hadn’t none in the house. (sob)
I do hope every one have Been their best Good Kind and Careful.
PS: I’d have offered an accomplished photo. Unfortunately, Photobucket has crapped out with as yet some impossibly new non-navigate-able changes.

PS, PS: Looking for Loopy, she hangs out on the home board where nobody’s trashed.
Best of all Loopy may remain as Loopy she is.

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Paula said...

There is nothing like a good orange. A few years ago we drove toward the valley and stopped on the side of the road to buy several bags of oranges. We ate one and it was so good we ended up eating three a piece.