Monday, December 7, 2009

What Matted

Be it either by Frieda’s divine providence or by my destiny it would seem we were meant to be together. There’s been some confusion over our anniversary. So I’ll try and settle it once more. June 8th we became a couple whether either one us wanted it or not. I knew what was in her heart within the first stop of a many a stop during our most the day long very first date.
Having taken her window shopping we could talk along our way’s between all the stops we’d make that special day (date). In side our very first stop, while I stood over a marble lavatory sink top fitted within with a china bowl, she’d said, “I’ll enjoy a lifetime watching you shave over that sink.” To say the least, keeping her admission to myself, exercising some of the most difficult restraint keeping her outspoken thought to myself, I was flabbergasted. Leaning over that smooth cool surface of stone my thoughts were where I really wanted my hands, that inanimate sink had at that moment the focal point with in the love nest my hands were wanting to build around her.
I had had no idea when I had lost sight of her some seven years prior we were being prepared and readied for these shared days we were destined to share, officially date and eventually mate. Looking back I have from time to time wondered if I had wasted a lot of time courting her unbeknown to either of us at the time, that six months? We did however managed to negotiate a marriage contract. We’d spent a lot of time as to how we’d live, where we’d live, how we’d live, money matters, those divine packages what’d make up our lives, and discipline issues. While I had wanted my hands all over her we saved the best for last over all the courting pitfalls, misunderstanding’s, and near knockdown, knockout quarrels, we’d only had shared before this very fate filled day for the both of us. There were to be no outs in this relationship. If a problem were to develop we’d work it out. I for one of us was only doing this involved matrimonial thing but one time in my life. And now for the bottom line answer to but one question, “Would I do it all over again?” and my answer to that, “You’ll may damned well know it, I’d do it all over again.” What a trip, what a roller coaster, all the rolls we’ve played. Even no more than talking about it, the good times as well as thee bad, we had lived it fully, kicked outs, wreck-conned-silly-relations, and the smooth sailings.
Ohhh Yeah…….. December 8th during a luck making time out in the middle of a snow storm we made our union irrevocably irreversibly legal. She’d finally got her way with her scheming bringing me down, then hiding the written witnessed signed affidavit away for her safe keeping. And when from time to time I were to take matter’s between us into my own hands, she had kisses sweeter than Pennsylvania's chocolate. So may this explanation make it perfectly clear I changed the girls name December 8th, 1958 to my own.
Out the door I made some scrape in the drive way dirt trying to pick up the nail infested ashes before they become snowed under and tire flattening liabilities. The earth only about a ½” frozen crust on it got some of them up. A supposed high of a predicted 32* for today I them hoped it be enough warmth I may finish the task before sun down. It’s further predicted we may see 3” snow over night.
Got home for lunch around 1:00PM. Checked ashes and they had thawed making them easy pickings. In a black tub they can stay there for the winter for all I care now. What matters they’s where they wont puncture a tire.
Here we’ve been trying to burn all the paint off the Tall Ollie’s front axle so the inside part will slid out towards the viewer.
At about sundown while doing a quite out of the ordinary act my chopping kindling with my widdle hatchet, a poor excuse for a roadside trash picked up lawn chair gently collapsed under my weight sprawling my old carcass right out all over the fall leaves covered ground. The poor state of trash these days the stuff just don’t hold up like it used to. Again, when I had reached for the very last piece of fir planking from in a large black tub, to slice up into widdly pieces that chair slowly collapsed causing me to laugh all the way as I was gently laid out on the ground. I felt like a once upon a time child in my mom’s loving arms taking an unprecedented winter tumble in a snow. That was fun. The memory it spawned, I even softly whispered, “Do it again mommy” my thoroughly enjoying the memory.
Finishing up the trash packaging for the morning’s pickup, having changed out of my winter duds, I told Frieda my little tale. The crazy lady enjoyed it. BGKC.


Paula said...

Well that must make tomorrow you and Frieda's anniversary. I wish you both a wonderful day and many many more anniversaries. Love to you both, Paula & John

Donna said...

Fernan, I'll have to have Cliff go through all the stuff with me that he's doing on the 1855. He's sure putting in lots of time in the shop!

Donna said...

OK Fern, there's an entry for you now.