Monday, January 11, 2010

This weren’t my idea

I merely a-woke and checking my inventory I spent a lazy day on the couch. I was head achy, cramps, upset belly, intestines tied in knots, cough, runny nose, lose of appetite, I took it easy yesterday, delving into Frieda's cold meds. She better get well quick cause she ain't got as many meds left as she had a couple days ago.
Doing no more than I have to, bringing in firewood, feeding the animals, I'm going to try my continued laying low with even more comfort foods today.
I almost wish I had nailed the neighbors chicken when I had had the chance last summer. I'd have let it run through a pan of water for a tasty chicken broth. Oh well, such are braking mistakes.
As hungry as I was feeling this morning, I'd mentioned I’d like some noodles in an imagined broth for a belly filling substance. I had also planned on staying in all day for the great strides I had made yesterday getting over a nuisance sinus cold. Haaaa! That was until I was informed the ground grain was out.
For more openers I had read a very attractive neighbor Lady was about to make us, Frieda what’s her name and myself, some of her home made chicken soup. What an appreciative thought that was. I knew instantly I needn't worry about wearing myself out opening Mr. Campbell’s caned soups. It looked like I was going to get delivery.

Gosh, just what I wanted to do on such a close get well knit. I thought I’d better find me a hand. Three names popping up in my mind I called Handy. He was glad to help. Halleluiah, I had a good somebody to do my grunting while I could simply take care of supplying the sound effects. I dressed, fed kitties, picked up Handy and completed the circuit; elevator, pick up empty wagon, and return home.
Finding I had mistakenly missed plugging the grinding-tractor in, it refused to start. Even the HD battery charger was of no help. Plan “A” shattered it was time to implement plan “B,” as soon I could devise one. Walking up the farmyard driveway what to my admiring eyes did I see, a very attractive young lady carrying a dish into my house. My next and more earnest thought, “Yum.”
Plan “B,” I took Handy and we drove over to the Crossroads for a coffee brake whilst the tractor warmed up. Also had a key made for the trip. Getting back everything had jelled and was done in belated good time. Handy accompanied me to spot the partially filled grind up to the barn, and then help unload Ugly to finish his part for me.
It was 2:30 PM when all was tidied up and I was coming right on time for lunch. I’ll have you know I wasn’t disappointed. The house smelled good my coming in. Not that I personally had anything to do with it. I dished myself up a bowl full and nuked it. So good it was, the seasoning just right for us old folks, it been pure sacrilege to have eatened crackers with it. I’m looking forward to supper’s leftovers.
Oh my it wasn’t easy keeping my trap shut while outside most the day. Aside from the an unintentional after lunch nap, I had the trash to put out and firewood to bring in. Trash went all right. Starting to huff and puff bringing the fire wood in, I quit short the wanted two full measures. I hadn’t coughed but maybe twice while I was out all day. I saved some firewood to bring in tomorrow. Having come as far as I had healing a cold bugg, I’m not looking for any back sliding.
Supper was lunch leftovers. The grand neighbor lady’s chicken noodle soup. I’ve got to tell ya’s It was no stole though this soup for no chicken. Once that chicken stepped into the pot it was there to stay. There were lots and lots of big-wide egg noodles keeping that chicken cozily covered. Keeping the noodles company there were mushrooms and carrots all a swimming in a fine warm chicken broth. The aroma was a meal in itself it smelled so good. It’s all gone now. Only a memory that’ll slip away. But I enjoyed it as long as it had lasted. Amen. BGKC.

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