Saturday, February 20, 2010

1st‘s impressions

Ho boy! All both of us must surely have worn ourselves out yesterday. Myself just waking upafter almost sleeping the clock around, Fried hasn’t gotten up yet. It’s ben some time since I’ve waken with my visibility blurred by watery eyes. Getting up but once all night, the stove had only been fed once at that time, the fire had almost gone out twice.
Soooo, for a change of pace I’m downing my rattlers two hours forty-five minutes late. Another half hour it’ll be my winter hour I step out these doors to meet the winter elements. What a waste for looking out my window it is a perfectly gorgeous day. Another hour’s wait before breakfast I’m thankful ive nothing to cause me running late doing wise.
I wake up this morning worried about to very close friends. Handy a diabetic has gone into a dietary drunk(/) for a lack of a better word for it. He hasn’t walked a straight line fore four days. This time I don’t know what to do except wait for whatever I may do with or for him? I’ve got to check onHandy later when I get out of here!
Tom’s in such bad shape I don’t know what I may do for him. I know my not being family hospital wont let me to see him. About the most I can do is stop by the house for an update with an opened arm hugs for his wife and mother. Shyit happening in three’s I’m already dreading what may come next.
I’m surely feeling the blue’s this morning!!!!
Damn, my eyes so blurred this morning I’ve had to put my print up to 16 points so’s I may see what I’ve just written to correct spelling and edit the mish-mash of words.
Reading back, “Awww Fernan you're a good hubby. Bet when this is all over she won't ever hit you with the frying pan again.“ Yeah but the old movements she’s getting back in her limbs she may be kicking my arse in an alternative retaliations. {:^) Lawd, I love that crazy woman. I hate to it her hurting.
Next few words, in my own opinion to let just drift away I’m adding them here:
“Banned Aleve and Celbrex I merely go on hurting, busying my mind and carcass to anything to take my mind off the pains.
“Personal treatments: (1) keep my mind occupied, (2) Keep my back covered out of drafts {I live in my barnyard tux and favorite pop bottle woven road blanky (found it laying in our road). (3) Only take a couple acetaminophen when absolutely disparate.
“One more notable observation: My sex worn down to a useless mere nubbin I'm damn glad nobody's taken my scissors away from me, yet.” crazy smiley
Getting’ Frieda dressing changed, I only get one more day needling her practice for a couple months before I get to all the ladies.
Get this:
Tom’s mother out in the snow had taken a tumble on the ice. Was taken to hospital. Then, that crazy family called me this morning offering me any help I may need today so’s I don’t over do-it.
sniffling I can’t help myself crying
I had a good afternoon. I aired my air tank. I fueled my cans. I fueled the JD. Moved hay both ends the road. Did a big forgetful act forgetting to mix salt. Phooey!
Have learned Tom’s out of intensive care now in ICC and coming along. He can have visitors. My having to be home for Frieda I can’t go. Tom’s mom is in good shape, no broken bones. They didn’t keep her sending her home with only a couple bruises. I haven’t heard a thing about Handy. Going by his house his sister’s there. So I didn’t stop. I hope she’s helpful.
At home the JD fueled I check on the neighbors cutting wood. As long as I was out in the woods I used the JD to move a couple logs out from under a covering of brush and snow.
It was as I was finishing my chore here I remembered I had wanted to mix salt. Darn, Here’s hoping I remember to do that tomorrow.
Supper was super good. My complements to the chef. Slowly and deliberately I enjoyed every morsel my homemade bean soup, I had started last night. A pound of great northern soaked over night, drained and put into crock-pot with hot water. As the beans simmered I added lots and lots of chopped up pre-cooked bacon, a half a sweet chopped onion, a couple medium sized thin sliced carrots, and about a quarter pound or little more mustard to give any gas passed some color. Then turned the crock-pot to low and left for the night. Supper was a thoroughly enjoyed hour long meal.
Things and health’s picking up around here on top my full belly everything’s looking up and op brighter.
Another idea’s unrealistically priced quadra-cycle beyond my pocket’s reach I come up with a very realistic means to build me that bike. Unfortunately it were only about a month or so ago I had taken to town a whole bunch of bicycles I had already had and scrapped them. I still have two of my old bike favorite’s down in the old chicken-coop storage shed. If that be the case I need only to find myself two more similar to them.
Oh, The plan? I had it all written out and almost included in this evening’s Journal entry, but decided instead to save the finished product for a grand showing. BGKC.

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