Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2-2-2010 Ground Hog Day

Joe’s words remind me of two feelings.

One of them when I'm feeling oh so good I've often wished I could absorb somebody else's pain, particularly a child's.

The second of them was all pain's in the neck during my childhood and adolescent years. It seemed my neck had swelled so wide, high, and deep the pain seemingly something else. Mumps I had them twice or one side at a time. And when my dumb arsed wisdom teeth come in all of them singularly again the swelling and pain hardly making me handsome. My neck again so swollen it pitched my head so far of to the side Mom had me eating more dill pickles, them letting me stay home from school. Neck so swollen to watch the TV in an upright mode I had laid one way and the other to have watched in those days.

Weather wise we've gotten another smattering of teased snow gently laid upon us.

Admitted meany-while, I'm making plans to do in more like varmints those Pennsylvanians worship on pedestals. Them over sized dirt digging miss guided gopher varmints making holes so damned deep and wide I've near been thrown off the tractor to not even have spoken about the near destruction of tagged along haying equipment.

So keep well, EVERYBODY, as I'm putting a candle in the window for all of ya’s.
A little past 3:30 PM, I’ve just been outside checking mail box and leaving a check for gas man. Egad’s, being one of them smaller two/three hundred pound pig’s, its been 2005 since it has been filled last. Wow! Hev, I got to get on the lady of the house for such wistful use my hard earned money to keep her cooker supplied wit fuel.

Having just come back in the house we’ve a wet snow lazily quietly drifting on seemingly up lifting airs to earth. Kind-a pretty watching it.
Reminds me that first December, January, and February; just married, no TV set, our sharing only one pair pajama‘s, ordinarily sickbay silly pajamas, between us to meet each other under a single blanket on the couch were we’d try to calmly sit and watch Great Lake Michigan’s lake effect snow fall’s fall outside our 2nd floor apartment’s picture window.
Admittedly hating KP I goof off every opportunity I may think up a good excuse to get out of it. It’s 5:00 PM and I’m busily watching six bottled honey leftovers warming on the woodstove for an until now an unplanned consolidation. It’s just one more opportunity to look good in Her Mostess’s eyes since my before breakfast exercises withdrawing my bay window in and up for a couple moments vanity’s bliss.
Meanwhile (that is right, another meanwhile), earlier this afternoon I found my long lost camera tripod. Now if I can only find the instructions on how to take a delayed picture with my E-camera?
To be continued......

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