Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today’s doings

G___ D___!!!!! I’ve finally gotten the dishes DONE!
A book publisher called me today. Son of a hitch, the pressure’s on now to finish it.
Did all the ordinary chore liking stuff today as usual. Feed cays, including taken them table scraps down to the barn for them. Hayed the ladies. The ladies fallen off their feed the last four days surpluses are mounting in their feeders again. Swept the new snow off the deck and ramp. I carried in some firewood, not completing the task as I should have ‘twas a boring day right up until supper time. Fixed some chicken per instructions and burned the whole meal to a crisp. Not interested in starting over I made some hobo stew. Taking left over out of the fridge I put them all together in on pot, seasoned them with katchup for color and taco sauce for spice. And it only took the microwave three minutes to warm it all up. Didn’t come out to badly. Even the stuff Her Mostess was talking about throwing to the cats, I threw it in my stew... (meow)

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