Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting ready.

Frieda making hostile calls her surgery has been moved twice in one day. Now I’ve got-a have her delivered for check in at 8AM come morning. I’ve even been given another phone number for a ready wheel chair to meet us on arivalThat means getting up extra early to shower her, hose her off and get her cover up in her XXXXL MuuMuu (tent wit-out poles, stakes, and tie-downs).
Of course there’s always first things first. I been getting explicit orders almost all day, that’s every time I come thru a door. I’ve reputedly suggested she pack her own prearranged care packages she’ll want delivered. It seems our conversations are groaned one sided, she talks and I damned well better be listening (these days).
I cleaned out our cussed woodstove AGAIN. It’s burning better now. I even managed to haul all my ashes out and spread them on a field what could use some lime supplementing.
I had tried by chance to restock shelled corn supply. That didn’t work. Did manage however to get a couple phone numbers for a state AG certified scale just a couple more miles a field. It’ll have to suffice until the elevator’s scale is either thawed out or fixed or both?
Managed to unload Ugly’s cargo box of temptations for tomorrow‘s traveling‘s. Then sillily loaded it up with more trash contributions I had put out on our imaginary curb earlier this morning. And stowed my emptied ash cans under the deck. Carried in one enormous pile of firewood parking it near the wood stove for warming up. Why? It was only the other day I had complained to Her Mostess our firewood was so cold it couldn’t burn.
Chores being taken care of all the live traps I had set a couple days ago have thoroughly cleared of any fish bait I had put in them by still another cat caught in the last one of them. Again I rattled that cage good and hard while swinging to wildly back and forth. That pus came out of that rap a gray streak headed home for the barn. I guess I’ll try baiting my traps with apple slices again. Has worked before cats not particularly partial to eating fruits.
Now while I’m thinking about it I must prepare my own traveling package filled with a couple Louie LaMoure western‘s.
Balderdash! I must get my mail mailed tomorrow, I also need to pick up a gallon of milk and a supply of iron tablets for my tired blood and milk for my bones, and maybe some beer. BGKC. .


Paula said...

The best of luck to Frieda on her surgery and to you Fernan as I'm sure you will be quite busy now since you don't usually have anything to do. Now I'm just kidding don't get your tail over the dash.

Donna said...

Here's wishing Frieda well.