Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday's Expectations

It’s was going to be a mixed up day. In my heart I was anxious to see my grand daughter. My mind was divided in two. One way I was anxious to see my gr-daughter’s art work while the other way I wanted finish striping down the remaining bicycle. Then laying them for welding together all a-new.
C-c-c-c-c-cold I didn‘t want to emerge from my blanketed cocoon. But I new it’d no good to remain within it. I knew no matter how long a kept myself wrapped up in it I wasn’t coming out and younger nor the house any warmer if didn’t inevitably rebuild the woodstove’s heart of fire. So, this old man reached out the front door for an ash bucket standing by for just such callings. My bucket at hand a chair sitting in front the stove I commenced to remove all the ashes this trip. A complete clean out this time. Everything from all the corners whatever covering every brick I had decided it had to go. Besides the ashes were near cold, all the coals burned. I even swept up the bark and such up from the floor. Silly remark. I could scarcely sweep the wood chips and bark off the ceiling. What the hey. They’s also make good fire startin’ tinder. Besides from where I was sitting it was cool while I restarted the fire a-new.
Within my domestic duties the laundry has lessened something dramatically. When next I tread my way down-down into the dungeons below there is but one barnyard tuxedo I had left to the enslaved mechanical mistress to wash for me. Oh, and I had already been down there once checking on the slaves remanded duties my having to turn the drying of it in another. The Master of my castle having supervise the charges in my care my tux should be cleaned enough for some fine tuning mending. There seems to be rather difficult flap on the backside two many people are wanting for my explanation.
Gonna talk booze for a moment:
I happen to like bottle of booze in the house for medicinal purposes. It used to be when I were a drinking man I like my bourbon. Back then the stuff to strong for the kids I had switched off onto 80 proof Southern Comfort. Well for some reason there’s been a serious case of evaporation around here, and I ain’t been the one either sampling or keeping tract the goods. So this time having an idea that the two legged trouble was, I looked for and brought home a sealed full bottle of brandy. Medicinal problem solved. So what should be brought up next.
This morning somebody other than me, wants to know what’s happened to (mentioning no names) her brandy? Somebody’s accused me of tipping away her spirits. Her spirits? They were my spirits when I carried the bottle in. Isn’t it odd how things happen to change all the time so unnoticed?
Up for sometime I’d already still checked my options, I thought I’d want-a slip over to mike’s for a while. All day even if it worked out? Only expected option to show up would be the arrival of grand kids. The big pot of stew what we had started out a boiled dinner is smelling mighty good. My present problem is my hold out not absconding with a dipper full to test the concoction before more troops arrived.
Alas I made my way over to Mike’s taking the last bicycle apart looking over the number of goods to work with the but for the last bike so unfairly different from the other three it were best to give it up for either junk or if I were lucky, put it back together again for another day’s ride. One more bicycle standing outside the hen house where I had left I retrieved it. Amongst the rest of the accumulated bikes it was a close match for one of them. When I should have it stripped down I’ll have two pair to work with. Somewhere in here Handy called me for a couple personal needs. A prescription for his mother and some pipe fittings for fixing an either clogged or frozen cold water pipe. So I picked up my project and put mikes tools away I had been using. While I was gone I had also stopped by home fore lunch on my way back. A couple more hours gone by, Bro’ calls me, for my standing by assistance should he get his skidsteer stuck again. While I made headway and while it had been hampered by two gentlemen it wasn’t all that bad a day. And to have it known the grandkids had called and postponed their drive to grandma’s house for two weeks unaccount of weather. That’s alright with me (us) rather having them safe than in trouble traveling with two babies stuck somewhere in this weather.
The stew? It was delicious. I ate so much I’m going to throw some more stuff into it tomorrow keeping this hobo stew going for a couple more days. (yum) BKC.


Donna said...

Cliff likes to keep a jug of bourbon around, just for medicinal purposes, of course. The only time I touch it is when I make bread pudding. I HATE whiskey. Now wine is another story, though.

Paula said...

My Daddy always hid his medicine in the washing machine.