Monday, February 15, 2010

Sposed be workday

Before I read the on-going and adding to the fray; I woke up feeling about as tired as I was when I laid it down last night. Don't remember where or when I dreamed it, I also awoke with a backache.
Frieda up before myself had met me shinning brighter than a brand new penny. Is so good seeing her smiling the smile, one of her attributes I married her for.
Got word Grand daughter as finished three paintings for my Santa story book
They’s coming to see us after GR SIL’s U of M bone marrow transplant treatment checkup for his leukemia battle. My fingers crossed, I’m hoping.
Excited about their coming, getting to see them and In addition to that I’ve gotten the Santa story out and edited it, one last time, in anticipation seeing her within the week. Damn I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas.
Morning and night I continue changing Frieda’s dressing and giving her he belly shots. In between I’ve continued hanging around helping her to her feet when need be. Can’t tell how all this hanging around the house is giving me cabin fever bonkers.
Toyota hasn’t been the only company with run away vehicles. Just a few months ago Ugly gave me the same frightening start. Checked under the hood and saw nothing out of the way wrong with anything connected to carburetor. The silly truck had refused to idol down as well as deciding to run faster than I was comfortably willing to go trying my best to hold my speeds back. Not a fast driver, I put up with Ugly’s eccentric behavior unable to make up its mechanical mind whether it was going to run fast or not quite slow enough. Slowness between the farms I could put up with as I wasn’t going out on a busier thoroughfares. Three days passed and I had to get into it. Unable to work both ends at the same time I finally found it. Principally the two piece cable between the accelerator and carburetor had broken. Son of a gun! I had to have my Ugly in good working order to drive it out on a busier roadway next day. And just where was I going to find a cable. A new one could be no less than a dealer part. It were here when resourcefulness kicked in. After I had removed the accelerator cable from Ugly I replaced trouble troubled past with a single piece of high tensile fence wire. While the conversion from one method to an older surer method wasn’t exactly easy, I stayed with, worked, reworked the multiple bends for clearances and each end’s final hook-up’s until I had the engine’s linkage just right. It’s been several months gone by and have had no additional problems since. BGKC.

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