Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Murphy’s law
Where to start?
Okay, I started my (our (her)) laundry. Checked with Barry to see if he were available to give me a hand. Plan then was I pick him up in 15 /30 minutes. Leland’s plugged in Battery’s clamped for juicing. Time to get Ugly under way. Only Ugly refused to start. Four or five failed starts I assumed frozen gas line. Added 4 oz pure denatured alcohol and returned house for relaxation and eventual lunch. Barry tired of waiting he’d buggied on over. What’s wrong with Ugly? Time to bring out the field tool box. Opened gas line at carburetor filter. Key turned, got nothing. Balderdash! A can of gas down in the barn we poured the whole into Ugly saving but a bit poured down the carburetor’s throat. Damned if Ugly hadn’t started. First things first we were on our way for a gasoline fill up. Be darned if I hadn’t but had just the right amount of fuel to make it home yesterday shutting the engine off on the very last drop of gas. I had run Ugly home finished dry.
Made all the usual rounds for empty wagon and supplement supplies. Them moved the machinery to set up and grind. Nearing the end of the grind the Leland tractor had quit. I had Barry refuel the Leland what it didn’t need. Stumped, I just simply restated Leland as if nothing’s wrong. It ran for a few minutes starting to blubber before quitting again. Plenty fuel. Doubt diesel gelling no colder than it was. Ah ha, Maybe fuel filter plugging do to icing. Added a cup of alcohol, restarted tractor and it finished out the afternoon with no more trouble. What happened? I suspect the fuel filters had likely iced up stopping fuel flow. Looks as if I might better plan on a fuel filter change when warmer weather gets here.
The grind delivered, poorly parked on-account of ice, I found a couple shorter buckets for the kids to use to down load the ground grain. Sorry Guys, take it up with Murphy’s law. I did my best!. Where I hadn’t put out hay unassisted this end we assisted the other end.
I explained the importance of the salts and minerals to Barry and showed him how I mixed salts the easy way. The easy way? Is a matter of how the buckets are set with the angular directions of the handles proper positioning for easy hand tumbling three salts together. The ladies each lot received 37½ pounds today. At long last I have finally gotten that chore done, to mix enough to include another couple measures to put out more salts next week.
Oh I know I had another hour daylight left, but really, I was wearing down. I did so want to dig my way into all those surplus bikes to see just what I had. Knowing my body can take only so much abuse I let this last want slid. Besides, I had done more than a couple two stepped dances protecting my dignity’s collapse in/on the snow covered ice’s we’ve stingily kept for the only remnants this season’s Winter celebrations. Then walking into this house, between the warmth and a ten minute break my entire system was reduced to combination aching and locked up joints plus all my thoughts turning to mush, I’ve resigned myself to being done for this day.
Okay, while I may repeat myself, while I do it often enough, I’ll eventually finally remember to do everything I had intended doing during the long run. Take tomorrow, I have take Herr Mostess to her surgeon’s office. Then while we are I that neighborhood I need to up grade my cell phone. Lastly I want to stop by a couple book stores: Border’s, Barns and Noble, and whatever for an idea what my book should sell for.
Gosh, I know it isn’t my normal bedtime, but then I’ve never been normal either. This last act is in self protection come our morning launching upon another new day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

What is your book about or are you not telling yet?