Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2-3-2010 Grain Grinding Day

GD, Herr Mostess is wound up tighter than a three dollar watch the last three days. She’s been yapping away about all the things she’s got to do these current days leading up to her knee replacement. She’s calling her girl friends wanting everybody going with her and all of them getting their hair done with her. She wants somebody to take her over to the senior center for some $0.10/pocket books (ten cent) buys. She wants somebody to take her lingerie shopping (XXXXL panties).
I’ve repeatedly offered to chauffer her the last couple days. She’s repeatedly turned me down every day. That is until this morning? All of a sudden it’s my fault she isn’t getting carted around? I wonder why?? So this morning she sounds as if it is all my fault her needs haven’t been immediately taken care of. Now she’s sounding like to save her civilization as she see’s it I’ve got to step up the Knight in shinning ((((amour)))) armor hero. And now, she’s this willingness to make me the scapegoat her willingness to forgive me all my hard hearted inattentiveness the very same day (it comes up any day every two weeks) I’m required to grind mixed feeds.
I-via! Going on almost fifty years I’ve almost figured her out… Only almost….. Not completely…..Which’ll never happen in my lifetime….(sigh)
This has got to be my pay-back for, “I admittedly only wanting her body!!!!!!”
Here it is! A couple pictures of our mountainous snows what started out an unimpressive dry easily sweep away participation yesterday’s morning right on thru to what’s a sticky scenic beautifying snowy representation this morning. If I were to hardly work at it sweeping up an enough of the wet stuff I might pile up at least an inch of it somewhere?
This first picture seen is our last devastating snow storm :^), there are the three recently saved buckets ash, and three baskets I have already used one for a see through storage shelved animal medications container.
This second picture’s showing what’s left of current firewood pile (a full cord). For backup firewood I’ll use up the wood immediately stacked just left the Spruce Pine tree.
Busy, busy, busy, this may be my only contribution for yesterday and today. I not only need to grind, perhaps I can get Herr Mostess’s mind trying needs taken care of? Mine too!! Look out Clio, here we may just come? BGKC.

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Paula said...

Maybe Frieda has a bit of nerves going on there.