Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The behinder I get

I went to sleep last night knowing I had to purchase shelled gain supplies and grind feed. It didn’t help with all I was awarded to do today? First off I slept over ten hours which didn’t help me with an early start. One problem are my medications? Weren’t for them I’d have been up out and off. But those are not the rules I must play by if I want to safely stay alive.
Ugly backed up to and hooked to empty wagon, what I wasn’t prepared for was somebody calling me to tell me they hadn’t fed the bulls in their pens. Wonderful. Which way do I turn out of the driveway first. Right for bulls? Left for shelled corn? Thankfully, Sparky (Mr. Loopy) called me at exactly the absolutely right moment volunteering to shovel my deck and ramp off for us. While I had uncovered that with a quick brooming, I did manage to delegate feeding the bulls to Sparky’s capable hands. (hehehehehehe) Thankfully the bulls taken care of I turned left.
One track on my road I wished I could have stayed home. But that doesn’t feed the animals. Sixguy’s yard was cleaned better than the roads. And, they were temporarily prepared to load my wagon out. The next leg of my trip around the block didn’t happen. The elevator scale out of commission I had to turn left again going over a couple snow and ice covered good hills. 12,000 pound load either pushing or resisting on an empty pickup truck isn’t the grandest tow even in dry weather. Each hill was a challenge for my capable hands. I’ll think my skills as I like! (insert raspberry here) So where was the certified scales I had to use? On top of the second hill and of course upon the highest ground with the grade slopping away on all sides. I-carumba! Just pulling off the road for the scale I didn’t make it. Seeing the Johanson’s pushing their snow off the drives I gave up my lost cause headway deciding to wait them out the use their scale. Nerved up as I was I tried making the scale. Having parked long enough the tires cooling off putting Ugly drive we creeped ahead surprising me not for the first time.
Weight slip in hand, then it was leaving the scale my next challenge, the grade quickly falling away to the back of it towards a number off outbuildings that never looked as close as they did today. Getting back home managed only to park the loaded wagon just off the road. For those moments I was just glad it were home.
Wagon abandoned, on the road again I started cell phoning. This committed farmer was looking for somebody lacking it upstairs to come out and enjoy the elements with me. &^*(^$&R$84 it?. Tom turned me down. He did however volunteer his step son. (hehehe) That’s all right. It has finally dawned upon the kid if he were to get out and about he just might learn something more than he knows!?!
We hit the elevator for supplements, the far end for 2 cans gas, 2 cans diesel, and the empty feed wagon. If anything were to be done here two tractors needed fueling, AND I was in no mood to stand out in this beautiful weather priming a diesel engine. So a tip of some four cans had become quite easy.
The JD loader tractor fueled the shelled corn was moved up to just outside the kitchen windows. The Leland with grinder-mixer was brought out, set up, used, emptied into the feed wagon. And everything put away. Delivering the feed wagon was to turn into another adventure. The far end’s driveway filled with drifted snow, the lane up to the barn half drifted in, I barely made the feed wagon as far as the shop. It were time to employ an 1850 Ollie. The Ollie chosen was the Tall one inside the shop. Out of the wind it could at least have 10* advantage warmer than any the tractors sitting in or outside none plugged in. Darn, it took three attempts employing the extra heavy duty engine starter to move it.
What a day it had been. All done what had to be done, the day had grown long. I was ready for warmth and lunch, regardless the late hour. It weren’t an hour to late for me to phone my sweetie. Late enough into the afternoon there wasn’t time for me to go to the hospital and make it back before dark.
Having to call it a day, I carried wood into the house, finished up a couple loads laundry, washed out a couple milk jugs and refilled them with freshwater, just in case. And there’s a a couple other things I’ve time to do.

This is what I woke up to this morning

These are just a couple the toys I played with.
A good day’s work load out of the way, everything done and hopefully then some. I’m ready to bring my Lady home and have got all day freed to do it. BGKC.

PS: I wish to thank everyone who'd either offered, thought and/or sent Frieda well wishes and their prayers. I've told her of some and those I've missed I relate them to her when she'd come home.


Donna said...

I'm waiting to hear Freida is home safely.

Oh, and the word verification I have to type in?


Paula said...

I was reading fast to get to the part about how Frieda is doing. Hope the trip home will be a smooth one for her.