Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Bee Day

Nice here right along side the woodstove just a merrily doing its keeping us warm thing.
Can't tell ya's what its doing outside as sunup just coming on.
Whatever its doing we'll be out in it. Frieda gets therapy (exercise) evaluation, gonna drop of baby blanky for local Genie's gr-grandson, drop off couple boxes surplus grocery's we can't use to needy family, need go grocery store, need more bandages and tape dressings for Clink's knee; plus Handy’s sick so may have to fit dropping him off and up Doc’s office
Weather guesser's uncommitted what we'll get today: however, its been suggested sunshine with just below freezing temps starting tomorrow for next six days..
Can't wait to get started. Can do everything today over back-roads. So you see its gonna be a do nothing spectacularly boring day.

My lawd, I can’t believe I’ve written out this whole itinerary? I’m pooped already just making my list! I guess I’d better rest up before I even attempt to pull my shirt down and my pants up!
Once one the road and before we had gotten back home we’d covered everything listed and then some. Whew, I’m pooped. But I’m good, The ladies having fallen off their feed they didn’t receive any feed today. I carried in all the firewood I hadn’t yesterday and then some. Hard to believe Easter’s sbout three weeks away and I’ll be taken up fence wires and fence posts. I charge the battery, air p the tires, and unload the Cushman it’ll get all excited to go. I clan up the wire winder and air its tire The Cushman shall surely get vancy and raring to go.
Frieda’s so unhappy, somewhat depressed, irritated, unhappy, grouchy, crabby…..have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, she’s about ready to ship me out. Over weight she’s lost all to much of her strength, having a most difficult time getting up. She’s lost twenty pounds the last couple months and hoping to lose some more. She don’t eat but two small meals a day and a single orange or banana for a third. If she isn’t turning on the water works of deprecation, she’s bawling me out for just being here. All I can say is I’m glad I’m so she’s got somewhere to unload her feelings. It isn’t easy for her. Mid April gets here I’ll be glad if she can get out and walk some. I’ll be having to get out and away from here doing what I’ve got to to my liking. Hanging around here picking her up all day will destroy me. She’s got to quit taking them damnable arthritis pills, lose some weight, and get her strength back. That’s all there is to it. If she don’t she’ll continue aging faster than me, and I’ll quit speaking to should she check ou ahead of me what could have been before her time. (grrr)
Finally found something beside the skating I enjoy watching this years Olympic sports, curling. Ain’t nobody either throwing their rocks at someone else, nor are the getting hernias showing off picking up more than one at time, nor are they racing around to likely either cripple or killing themselves or somebody else. Alright I’ve said what I’ve said. On a whole sports is a freaking waste of time. When the game’s all done what ya got to show for it? When I’m done with my time I built it, caught it, and perhaps soon add I wrote it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BGKC


Donna said...

You married her for better or for worse. It's bound to get better before long.
Olympics? Bah, humbug.

Anonymous said...

You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................