Saturday, February 13, 2010

The heck withit....

Taking a chance I'm not repeating myself her's this written for yesterday, MAYBE?
A short side trip.
Taking an edited line from another beautiful person’s blogg _ _ _
“….waging her tail…I patted her on her head…..she smiled and stayed…..”
_ _ _ _who’s affirmed in my heart there are other people who talk to the animals.
A pleasant little trip I thoroughly enjoyed. May God Bless. ;^)

Now? Was the old rust bucket tractor a 50 series?
Moving on, it looks like I’ll be needed around here….until….?
Frieda’s feeling so much better. She’s glad and happy she’s home.
And she can’t thank the masses enough for the get well words, cards, letters and flower’s she’s received. Such simple heart warming thoughts go such a long way helping the healings.
Myself, I haven’t been all that appreciative the encouragement she’s receive doing her exercising so’s she may once again kick my ass. (grrrr)
Shame on me, I had forgotten I promised Handy a ride over to Doc’s clinic for a blood draw. So my being a half hour late he called me to remind me. About this time I had pretty well taken care of all Frieda’s needs save one. As I was dressing to head out the door she reminded me it were time I change her dressing. Oh poo! Talking her into letting me go and stop by the drugstore for another tapes solution, this run, I was gone.
A blood draw shouldn’t take all that long. Just the same I dropped Handy off first. I figured it take me longer putting drugstore staff together to help me with a surer holding the Mrs.‘s together tape.
Thomas the druggist asking me my taping Frieda problems, “Is she a wet or dry person, oily skinned?” {My thoughts drifted back to an earlier time I had a bit of summer times trouble hanging onto her keeping her from either slipping or sliding out of my amorous clutches.} Narrowing my need down to an oily skin it was decided I needed a clothe tap rather than a paper tape I had already tried. I not only took some cloth tape; I also grabbed a plastic tape, looking so good I‘m sure I could use the leftovers for parcel posting packages.
Eventually getting back to, Doc’s office my figuring was wrong. It was a whole two hours those guys to their vampiring together. So, what does a body do but wait.
Finally getting out of there and on the road again I had wondered if I should have stopped by the hardware store. Getting back home, Frieda had survived without me. Kind-a makes a body feel unneeded, hey? Tending her dressing the black plastic electrical tape had dome the better job and easily came off without having to use a lot of alcohol to remove the stickiness.
I should have stopped by that hardware store. Who’d know?
Leaving her wound open seemed like a good idea at the time. But then when she started dripping all over the floor the bandaging the stapled shut incision using the plastic tape worked well. Sitting here admiring my work, I think it’s going to work.
*********** BGKC.

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Glad things are going well there.