Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My 4sq Bionic Wife

12:15 PM Frieda had been in the surgery an hour and a quarter. Gosh it were precisely at dawn’s crack beginnings I wheeled us out the drive. Check in time at the surgery’s door was 8:00 AM. It was two minutes of when she went through the surgery floor doors. Shown to holding room she was drilled upon all the questions what had already been asked and answered at least six time before. Yeah and before she was wheeled down another gal into a pre-opt staging area. When they finally got around to wheeling again it was away from me as she went into the surgery and I was sent down another hall to the waiting room.
The operation took only an, never ending hour, and a quarter to complete. Then she was sent to recovery. Somewhere in this time frame I moseyed down to the hospitiful cafeteria. My hands shaken so badly trying care a tray I lost it destroying everything upon iy what didn’t land on the floor. Told to forget it by a nice lady, I was given another chance to try and make through the food lines unscathed. It were 3:00 PM before I was to see my Frieda again.
My hands shaken something awful has all the time Herr Clink was out of my sight. The whole episode reminded me of, Luther, in the movie, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. “You nervous?” somebody had asked. Luther (Don Knots) had answered, “NO!”
Frieda looked good, feeling some pain on a level of three be it be between a good one and ten the worst. I’m sure she’ll feel better tomorrow as they’ll be getting her up and walking.
Loading Frieda and all her paraphernalia up to get rid of her for a three day rest. Mine! I had managed to slip my poke holding the profits from a resent gold strike. Whelp, today on my way home I stopped by a bank to have my poke assayed, only to discover I had picked up the wrong poke, found to be worth no more than the sand in it.
Returning home worried I had misplaced and mistakenly destroyed it in the end, I looked for it. Whew, imagine my relief when I found it intact. I immediately put the poke with the riches there-in contained in my pocket. Now, it’ll be with me the next time I go to town dressed under my town hat. BGKC.


Donna said...

Fern, you're a hoot. Freida will be just fine.

Paula said...

You better hope your bionic wife can't get her foot up high enough to kick you in the---oh never mind. Good luck to Frieda.