Thursday, February 18, 2010

KP please….

… please myself I’m cleaning kitchen. What a frapping mess. I’ve no idea when Her Mostess had given up ever whipping anything down,? I’ve been trying to cut this stuff hanging onto everthing it has ever touched. I’ve used Mr. Clean, Mean Clean, Lysol Clean, Goo Gone, Pine Sole, 409, and lastly easy off got everything I had tried up to this moment in time. Once those first five cleaners were removed Oven Off cut all that grease what was holding whatever come it plus cleanly off. Now If I could only wash all that super duper crap off my hands so’s I ain’t so cussed tacky touching anything I pick up it stays with me.
Got more dishes done, the drain boards rack full its ain’t easy to balance any more stuff on it. This homework is not exactly my cup of tea.
Frieda said she didn’t sleep well all night. Sheesh! She making up for it now. For her belly shot I momentarily uncovered her belly, tasting it first, before I dribbled some alcohol on it, and poked her with her morning shot.
By mid afternoon I had finally gotten to the end my dish washing simply cause the dish drainer can’t hold another anything. Turned to washing cabinet over cook stove. I’ve changed water umpteen times each time it had turned green. Haven’t completed one cabinet nor the range hood my wearing the finishes off at the same time. Oh wooooooe is me.
Frieda’s afternoon nap has done her wonders, near as I can tell. At least that’s what she’s telling everybody she no pain in her leg. At least that’s what I over heard from her telephone conversations.
There was the time many years ago when Herr Mostess was Herr Leastless often dressed her part all day, during all those hours when all the children were in school. Dutifully dressed she had no difficulty getting my attention, then skillfully had me toeing the mark all day for any thought of reward. “Work before play!” she’d told me.
She was so totally unfair to me in them days wearing my very private tender and tempting Anniversary and Santa Christmas gifts against me. (sigh) (giggle)
In those days I seriously looked forward to the rest and relaxation at the end of the full house cleaning scramble. This was a designed happening shortly after one of those day’s I’d come fall walking into the house announcing “Good news, Bad news” to wit I thoroughly enjoyed sliding into three/four months hunting and fishing when I wasn’t working a seasonal job. Home life was a spontaneous living Heaven while fitting in some light weight jobs interfering with the hunting and fishing. And, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. BGKC.

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Paula said...

wow you're sure in a cleaning mood. When you get through you can come do my kitchen. glad Frieda is doing well according to her phone conversations.