Saturday, February 13, 2010


A metamorphous has appeared to have set in within my Quadra bionic limbed woman. She's beginning to behave more like her old energetic self which I have missed for some time.
Changing her knee dressings, shucks just one dressing, naugh, back to the enumerable dressings, I’ve used enough scotch tape on her, to package her, to send her somewhere? (hehehehehehe) If I had a destination on an applied shipping label and the required postage……oh…….never mind. (sob)
I do believe she's replenishing her energy with my own.
Refortified She's been working her domestic night shift still full of vim and viger while I awoke pooped out. Ummm...err....I guess she's a keeper.
Finally running down about 11:00AM. I’ve got to get on with my part renewing my hatred toward doing dishes. Carrying three/four days wood in is a snap compared to a couple my real dislikes.
I’m thinking she’s getting to many hugs and kisses on her neck each time she enlists my aid to help her stand up? I mean she’s always breaking out in tears, and it ain’t the pain either!
12:00PM noon, she nicely conked out on sofa. What a break for me. And! Now that I’ve got nicely cleaned dishpan hands they are ready for carrying in firewood. I’ve got to! I’ve just put the last piece wood in the woodstove.
While Frieda snoozed, off and on, I carried in wood for a couple whiles, I did dishes for a three whiles, did a one gig bit feeding the cats and more importantly the ladies half what they normally consume to go with their last couple day‘s leftovers. I consolidated about half Frieda’s medical supplies in one handsome square four gallon plastic bucket. While I never finished the dishes I was also into some more related kitchen whatever cleaning. I even continued throwing out dated goods and kitchen supplies out.
Gave Frieda her shots, changed her dressing, assisted her to her feet when she had tired. I see it as I’ll have to stay close for a few days. Meanwhile the house is slowly looking better since I’ve finally gotten off my duff. It maybe I haven’t been well as it seems I’ve more energy since I’ve been on Doc’s last there prescriptions. My telephone bells continue ringing, my inability to answer the phone, but not near as loudly. That is a bit of a relief.
Got some good reading in our district library’s shut in’s mail. Two of the books were Louie L’Moure. Frieda’s already finished one.
Outside about the most exciting thing to happen here all day, one my neighbor’s went out back to cut himself a load of wood. There’s a lot of limbed wood out there the lumberjacks had left behind when they had harvested a number of the more mature trees about four years back. If we don’t cut and use that wood up soon it’ll merely become punky. Then it’ll of little use for firewood. Besides, I’d like to see that woodlot’s floor cleaned up some for a few clear views through the woods.
Is my bandaging improving or what? Photobucket BGKC.

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Paula said...

Wow you might get a job in the medical field. Looking good.