Sunday, February 7, 2010

I struck Gold

Deciding to throw out the building mess rising upon my desk I went thru all the papers one by one including the aforethought bunches of nuisance advertising cluttering up my work and entertainment area. I was about to strike it rich. On opening some suspicious looking envelopes I struck gold. I found a long lost bank account filled with money, I found un-cashed checks, and the going through my dirty tux pockets for a recent fuel bill receipt for next year’s income tax filling I found cash. Cheese and crackers, I’ve found enough moneys I can think about maybe buying me a fishing license, a package wax worms, a can and tank of gasoline, and then go ice fishing. Now, not to get all excited, I’m only thinking about going ice fishing.
Holy smoke’ems, I’ve finally got that stubborn Tall Ollie’s speedometer drive installed including the bolting in and tightening it down. An almost impossible tight place to put a hand in and work it too, the job finished, my hands are feeling like cramping to show my mind’s determination was pushing them demanding to much of them. My word is there anything anymore a body may do with out objectionable picketers becoming involved.
Doing chores another stupid arsed cat got caught thinking it an easy fish dinner in a live trap. I wasn’t easy on the cat rattling it around good inside that trap before letting it loose. There’s just some lessons when these cats were kittens they aren’t remembering. The fish odor still strong I reset the trap for a possum. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Wish I could strike some gold. I seem to know where all my money isn't.