Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saw-Bones day

Saw-Bones day
Shouldn’t I know it at near last minute before we’re to leave to make appointment with Frieda’s surgeon she’s unhappy with Ugly for a ride. “Call Juan!” she harped. I called Juan and he agreed to take us. But next time he wants two or three days notice or time to plan.
Dr. Carr was pleased with her surgical craft. The new knee joint implant and Frieda’s healing looked very good. Frieda’s fixed up with more run of the mill pain heavy duty pain medication.
A couple blocks down the main drag, as long as we were in the neighborhood, Juan stopped me by Verizon wireless. How I don’t know but walking in I already had enough credits an upgrade was near free. With 30 days use upon approval I even get $50.00 bucks cash rebate. The new phone in my pocket its getting harder and harder to find an eight year old to teach me how to use it. Darn kids keep growing up and moving away.
Unbelievably Juan made one more stop for me taking me across the main drag to Barns & Noble bookstore. Inside I perused the children’s book section for retail book prices. I found what I needed to know. After today I’m a wee bit closer to getting my Santa story book “Reindeer Hay” published.
Home late for lunch I don’t remember what we had, but it was good and filling. I had finished my laundry, tended the animals got carried loose the last of the free wood what had been stacked on the ground. About three weeks I should have that frozen down wood up and piled for drying out, again. Tomorrow I start bringing firewood in off the wood-hauler.
For fun stuff, I pulled a bicycle out of the hen house and studied it. Latest thought I had I’d just plainly aught to bring them all out and simply take all of them apart for frame modifications before doubling-up reassembly.
For supper I stewed tomatoes ladled over toasted oat flour made bread. Something we haven’t had for ions. Now I GOT to go do dishes. Curses!!!! BGKC.

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Paula said...

Thanks for answering my question. Sounds like a cute book.