Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cold and sunny

Been a day for some accomplishments. Tom came out to play. Bro’ had managed to fix the speedometer drive. I just haven’t quite gotten it back in the tractor as of yet. Meanwhile I’m thinking on it.
Chip came over sharpened and serviced Tom’s chainsaw. Chip had also come up to my place with his metal detector and found my keys. They’s the same keys I had lost three days ago just before everything was snowed on (under) that very next day. Keys were right near the tractor where I had missed putting them in my pocket.
Saw Mike, and he’d made all my galvanized gate repair parts for me. (sniff) I missed all the fun. Oh well! The gate still needs the new pieces installed.
The new JD tire delivered yesterday, was mounted this morning, and installed this very afternoon. Its has been one fine day.
And, Ugly’s heater working better today the water turned on.
Coming in every thing done a half hour before sunset, it ain’t quite right, but I’ll take it. I’ll also take my rattlers early and hope I stay awake long enough to stay to try and awake through supper. BGKC.

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