Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Day Summer

Was a day like any other in Shorthorn country. Brother down multiple reasons from 1998 accident I was it for the day. Offered a ride into a near by city I took it. Made a couple stops, picked up 5 gal cans motor oil and trans-draulic fluid. Hit Wally World for grocery’s, specifically our ice-creams and 4 gal milk this time. Checked on a oxygen bottle cart to no avail. Got home about lunch time. Ate cold dinner. Called Doc’s office for blood check letting. Picked up Shane made 4010 with drag road worthy delivering same to shop’s farmyard. Made way to Doc’s. He’d had to been lonesome wanting to talk to me. Back home for tea time I took my 5:00 PM rattlers getting them out of my way. Picked up Shane again. We worked on downed 1850 Schultz Ollie installing new replacement oil line by 7:30 PM and a little after. Home 8:00 PM and sitting on my can. Got-a warm me a supper surprise*.
8:00 AM to 7:30 PM is a long day enough. Will finish Schultz Ollie enough to cut more hay tomorrow. Must remember to carry flash-lite for looking lost wrench and replacement tires for drag and a hay wagon. Weather today cool morning, three ultra brief immeasurable rain showers, afternoon with every Sun’s appearance made for excessively steamy sticky hot suffering. Lucked out Ollie work was during the cool of the evening.
*(Supper surprise? I haven’t looked nor heated it up yet!)

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