Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st Day….
… either one or more old scripture rules. A day of rest?
Oh bunk! Moving on I’ve over slept again. It was a good sleep. No cramps! The Valium must worked. The red-pop had worked also. Over time maybe? Scarcely finished that brew I was out like a light for 9 ½ hours. Now I wait my hour’s wait to delve into an éclair offering I bought and brought home from yesterday’s store. One principle change in shopping I bought us three gall on milk in hopes the stuff lasts longer between pickem-up needs in passing milk outlets.
No rain forecast for today, maybe again tomorrow night. I truly need a masterful wizard who may read the signs for honest weather reportings. Arrggghhhh……!
The weather guessers are at it again or rather yet. Have tuned in three I-net wedder channels each their forecast different.
More later
This morning fallowing a couple false starts I took the 4010JD to the shop for throttle repairs. This’d keep Bro’ busy all day. I replaced parts on the IH hay rake until I run out of parts. Having been asked to hold a couple parts for Bro’ when I had finally got him settled into his project he gave me a ride to where I had left the Cushman to drive the JD earlier.
Home filled with baloney I replaced five knives and went to cutting another field. I hadn’t completed the first round when the muffler fell off tractor. I-ca-rumba, talk about something loud. I had to shut it down. Remembering cold ears last winter’s weather I walked up to Ugly and brought back a pair sound proofing ear muffs. They helped some for when I had finished making like a cut up, everybody, everything sounded like long distance, The durn crickets are going to be loud tonight.
Moving on I got back to shop intime to be the helping hand holding this’d’that for Bro’s throttle reassembly. Took my rattlers on time, an hour later Ugly’s starter quit working. Tired starter bendix I’m thinking. This required me a hitching a ride home. As chance would have it a very high toned
My old hat has taken such a beating I thought it time to replace it. Before giving the old one (left) the old heave-ho I moved my by the chine-e, chin, chi-nee, leather lace ties to the new hat (right). I simply had to replace my old haying hat with another newer looking straw specimen. To protect my ears from the Sun’s evil ways.
A late bulletin:
The simplest of tasks the first too fits into tomorrow’s Shorthorn country program I needs to see Doc. George for my bi-annual check-up primarily to update/renew my many prescriptions.
The second more somber task I’ve been called upon the administer the sorrowful last burial rights for an old neighborhood dobbin. I’m sure this dobbin will be missed by some children who’ve looked up to him for a many adventurous ride. Take to wing old mate and may you sprout Pegasus wings and join him flying on high transporting heavenly angels there protectorate rounds.

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