Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Halleluiah, the pressure cooker finally blew its lid. The ain pour out all over us last night up to an inch and a half tunes dripping off the eves. Sure’s a welcome cooling the weather.
Now onto the more important’s. First waking grabbers taking firm grips both calves I made my way to my Valium bottle. Glug-glug it was first one pill then the sorted lot.
About the weather. Just did some my own predicting, it could possibly rain some more tomorrow. I can wait that out. Besides what all that rain we’d had just last night must dry off some before cutting into more the crops. Come Thursday threats of more high or low heaven’s waters I’ll just a be cutting it up. I’m seeing (thinking) three days drying weather a coming sure. In the meanwhile’s I’ve got to seriously resign myself to take this drippy weathering occasion to seriously do some house work as it seems, not mentioning another’s name around here, she’s has had a couple/three un-depends-ables failing their missions were a couple embarrassing fall outs around here yesterday ; and now again already today. Now my approach making the house somewhat questionably cleaner in where do I start? At the kitchen sink and work my way down to the floor.
Of course I’ve other maters to attend to. The Drug transport tire need some serious fixing so I may return Mt’ Rogers tractor tire. The hay wagon tire will hold up as long as long as I carry some canned air for the slightly leaking hay wagon tire. And of course finish readying the 1850 Schulz Ollie for making more hay cuts day after noon.
Got me one worry whether I will experience it or how I’ll survive an inevitable case of household generated housemaid’s knee.
Time right by the wall clock’s shyness covered face its still give away the fact its hands still let slip I may do my breakfast.
While I’m pondering house keeping should I ear my dirtiest clothing as it needs laundering anyway. Decisions-decisions!
As its happening………
1st mid-morning break time:
Backing up the mop bucket; I’ve got some the dishes half done, the othe half soaking. Half the kitchen sink counter has been shoveled off and washed clean. I’ve got one load laundry in the go, anther of two more ready to go. My floor’s mop water’s made up, and this scullery maid has broken for tea!
2nd take: Now getting back to the English Tea (wit-out UK cream but wit one USA lump sugar) I had forgotten to enjoy earlier.
Well, over 2/3rd’s dishes done, waiting through a hot cup modified English Tea to start some offal-ed laundry all over again. Sheesh, this laundry’s busy-ness is looking like going to take all day.
Next domesticity attack I believe will come from a loaded right shouldered armed broom. Animal husbandry crap is much easier to take care of. Give me back straw bedding, a pitchfork, and an old fashioned compost pile.
3rd take: Same laundry load going again, As much soap as I’m using Proctor and Gamble will be working nights. I’ve gotten most the dishes done save for a cookie sheet lazily lay on its back soaking. This batch dishes air dried other end of counter that end may well get my attention these floors are going to need repeated attention. Mop bucket already loaded wit Spi’n’Span plus a one-half glog bleach…. Did I ever mention I hate moping floors?
4th take: Over half available* floors swept and mopped I’ve got areas either soaking or drying. I’m gaining on it. Trying to interest Herr Mostess in maybe a couple poached eggs on toast. She’s says eggs may not be any good. All the more reason I want to fix her up. If she survives I’ll make myself some.
5th take: been called got some cattle taken care of to do. A head gate to relocate, and I want that 1850 Shultz tractor running and working as it should again. Why, I might even cut some more hay yet this evening.
Have one load laundry in drier, third and forth wash going in the auto-washer. Floors have been sanitized at least once. Want to make Crossroads trip for new mop.
Rant: What is it I buy lifetime rubber spongy mop handled product when I go back for a new mop head, its not been renewed but redesigned to no longer fit my handle. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
Lunch running late I got to eat and go. Kitchen looking better than it has for at least a week (short lie). Sucks, I got to dress and take out of house for awhile. Frieda’s keeping peach soda down. Later…….
Home again after a rewarding and disappointed afternoon’s efforts to get something’s done. 1st stop 1850 Shultz tractor, I did to it in 30/35 minute what might have taken me an hour’n’half evening last including finding lost wrench with a small magnet in a place I couldn’t see. Went onto shop doing that end’s chores. Then went to woik on drag tire. Got the old tire off a rim to badly oxidized to mount a tire tubeless on it. Put in a brand new inner tube pinching it in the process so I can fix it allover again tomorrow. NUTS!!!
Weather? Was sunny when I finished Shultz Ollie expecting to mow more hay this evening. Ha-ha! Ho-ho! We experienced some rather heavy thunderstorms more than a couple times this afternoon. Heard weather sirens going off as all radio and TV broadcast media interrupted programming to issue severe storm warnings. I’m weather guessing I wont be making hay for a couple days. Where’s this stuff coming from?
I’ve got my laundry going strong. Fifth load ready when washing machine ever becomes available again. I took a good wetting down this afternoon presoaking my work wear.
Gosh! Looking at live Doppler weather maps storm fronts are passing through our area in waves. The sun vividly shining one rain no colorful rainbows were observed.
Now that I’m in and hungry I’m fighting sleep. I’ve got an idea I’ll be an easy Sandman target this evening…..
*Available….. meaning no moving furniture.


Paula said...

Frieda better keep you. John doesn't know how to mop floors, he knows how to drop stick stuff on them.

Donna said...

Hey Fern, how come you call th3 1850 the Shultz Ollie?