Friday, June 24, 2011


Tired of rain and pain. Frieda continues to improve. At least she is some more mobile. Me, I’m busy most the time. Continued rain depresses me and excuse enough to cause me to goof off, lay around. Once again took on a hay wagon tire repair. He whole process didn’t take to long. Although, while I thought I was near finished spraying some soapy water over the tire and its meeting the rim I had made a successful tubeless tire mount on an old rim….yada yada yada…. Then I got bubbles in a wrong place. There’s a pinhole in the rim's steel. Nuts, I’ll have the unvarnished pleasure of taking the mount a-part again. Meanwhile the borrowed wheel and tire is now on the hay wagon for a couple more days instead of returned to its rightful owner. Bah Humbug!
Working late enough, I got caught up into this evening’s cattle round-up. Eight more Ladies will join those done last night. Lootilace shots plus heat indicators contact cemented to the tops of the ladies pelvis bone.
And the weather the ever longer deeper depressing rains continue wearing on both my mind and body.

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