Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am so disgusted. I can see and listen to two TV weather forecasts, I can read three internet weather forecasts, and everyone of them is different. With such a wide diversity in imagined weather offerings just how am I supposed to cut and package a palatable food product for all the ladies I oversee in my neighborhood?
Today’s program: Check Tall Ollie for transmission water and drain off same. Then properly service the mechanical beast for hat was to come next. Must move machines around to bring haulage baler out into the light of day and service to make ready for either later today or noon tomorrow.
Cutting anymore hay on hold until possibly Sunday, maybe Monday even? Meanwhile
I’ve set here bitching to Frieda one my primary dislike‘s, “I’ve gotten five absolutely different weather reports! How am I supposed to plan and expedite my crop plantings and harvests to these meteorologists mindless meanderings?”
Her comment, “That’s like getting together five housewives to agree on one recipe!” She crakes me up!
With the best of intentions what I didn’t get done today I’ll do it tomorrow. Well, some of it maybe. Was going to bring out the hay baler, grease it, and replace the string cutting knives. Gotta do it tomorrow sure. I’ve got hay to bale. At least I managed to service the tall Ollie to go on that same baler. So during this morning’s meantime Brouht the 2150 MFWD Ollie out of Winter mothballs. Serviced it from stem to stern. Then was going to work up some acreage for a Sudex planting tomorrow. Tractor refusing to run managed only a round trip to the field and back to shop. Porly running found primary fuel tank oulet almost completely plugged. Fuel tank filled for a day’s work had to be emptied. Between dribbling outlet and siphoning I got it done. Photobucket
Getting late put some waiting assembly time into the Krapsman mower deck, and had managed to run the tall 1850 Ollie home for bringing out tomorrow’s baler. I don’t know who’s gonna fix the 2150, work ground and plant all tomorrow. I’ve gotta bale hay.
How about a side trip:
I sat down for a few moments late yesterday afternoon waiting for a ride back to shop for my Cushman drive. I got this,
my Sweetheart jumped up into my lap and homesteaded as if she planned on staying for the duration. A couple moments more my ride had arrived. Sweetheart sure was disappointed my putting her down. I asked her to go along for the ride and she got an attitude. She’s been down the road before and she’s decided she ain’t going again. {;^))

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Donna said...

Cliff used his latest Ollie acquisition (the 1655) to mow hay today. I wonder if the 1855 feels abandoned? Pictures on my blog.