Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not my only BirthDay

Thinking about Birthdays past I made my special day my yearly everybody got a gift BirthDay given. Because all our children were born throughout the year we had our little household parties with cake and ice-cream. That way those born to the Holidays felt less left out by those born in those longer stretches between the Holidays. It worked out rather well at that once the children had started school their Summer vacation was starting about the same week my B-Day come around, and so the children would have something to Summer play with. Along came the wagons, scooter, bikes, and vinyl body bouncing balls. The Hip Pity Hop, Hop-Pity Hop were gifts. The Pony Hop, and another something else were either salvaged trash or neighbor given. All was good for the Summer. There were eventually those Summers Bicycles (the kids helped earn) were the gifts for their young body’s to grow on.
Waking to rain I checked weather reports for three entirely different renditions. Argh! One says we’re to have rain for the next four days. Argh! Another suggests a weeks worth of wet and dry every other day rain. Argh! Still the third is written we’ve got five or six sunny only days starting come morning. (a meager smile until it happens sure)
This morning's eye opener was a rush of medium heavy rain showers. Frieda gone back to bed I thought I’d coffee clutch over at the Crossroads. Myself late everybody already gone, I enjoyed a cup for myself. Went to the hardware and bought me a couple pieces of plumbing to hopefully fix a tired old grease gun. Then came back to goof off just long enough my idolness got around to bothering me. The Cushman and I were off and running around the West pastures limiting fences setting electric fence posts. Why I even managed to run one ½ mile wire down one side.
Tree trimmers clearing a local power line, talking with them I talked them out of their wood chips (barn livestock bedding). they delivered for me two full loads. Turned out not such a bad day after all.
Hay-fever and itching eyes are driving me nuts. Unable to shut my nose off I’ve taken to wearting a bib at times during the day. A hanky is of little use, with no down time to put it away. This is all so tiring. And, I’ve so much to do. Knowing its early I may likely get more productive work done and out of the way come morning. It is time to think supper.

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Paula said...

We're begging for rain. Getting expensive to feed. John sold 20 old cows Tuesday.