Friday, June 17, 2011

New day
First tings first. I received a many a Happy BirthDay well wishes from some quarters, only a couple from an otherwise busy source, and then non from a place like Home full of wise acres. But then I didn’t make a lot of announcements and managed to slid by some. (grin)
As of before daylight this morning my nose’s running a-way out front with disgustingly ready activity. I’ve been calling hay fever. Maybe it mold I’m exposed to in the fields I’m haying. I doubt it dust as wet as it has been this Spring which also gives cause to mold allergies. If it were dust that discomfort who pass within a few few hours also showing up in a blown out tissue. I’m imagining I could use to things, both of them fanny packs. One to hold fresh tissues the other the used ones. A handkerchief lasts all of about a half hour and I hate shinny sleeves.
Frieda offered a suggestion, in jest I imagine, as to what I thought I had heard “catheter.” Might not have been a bad idea if I could find a market for such a collected commodity, for research.
Waking late I’ve so much to do. And I’ve my life sustaining dozens of medications to sort for the appropriate hour’s wait an hour before eating. I don’t do well on an empty stomach. Well my dressing is out of the way only moments now until I pour me a bowl of dry cereal to drown in a cup and a half of milk. I do like my milk.
I need to check fuel in 2150 Ollie needing two quarts oil. I guess I might better refuel Ugly’s diesel transferring fuel tank. This tractor along with 4010 JD, ready to go, need to work another field and plant it. There’s got to be some more motor oil around one these places somewhere. Regardless I’d better put engine oil on the continued want list. Cussed want list is liken writing a never ending story. Any sales possibility is unheard of as it seems one of us is always shelling out the cash at its unfinished last chapter instead of collecting royalties.
Opps, almost forgot. I’ve got to get out my share of this day’s trash pick up.
Only takes a moment, I must finish the West sides pasture fencing. I‘d sure like to get those demanding ladies off my back for even a few days!
Did I mention I’d like to cut another ten or twelve acres hay? I wonder what it’d be like to have a busy season.
For a change of pace, I’m having chocolate milk on my Wheaties this morning. Taint nothing like spontaneous home cooking. (grin)
It is after Noon, I’ve just finished my cold lunch. All the machines have had their oils checked and fuel tanks topped off with one exception, the 4020 gas. I feared that tractor has had it’s engine long-fully lugged over the last weekend. It is seriously popping, cracking, snapping and backfiring it’s a wonder it hasn’t blown a head gasket. The oil reservoir is over full. That tractor is in need new or cleaned sparkplugs, and an oil change. And, another big bigger plus. Either a properly educated (informed) operator or a different one. (I’ll keep the rest of it to myself for now or ever more for there‘s more here than meets the eye.)
The ladies are out on the west side’s pasture. I had finally finished wiring it this morning, but not without its peril. While I was working on one part, a deer was taken out another part. I’m thinking of having that same deer in the house for dinner. And, that dinner wont involve an ounce of polite conversation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
7:30 PM, I‘m home for the evening. It had continued to be a non-stop busy all the day long. Since chowen down I took to cutting ten acres hay just down the road. Having completed six rounds the whole field, it was time to run the lengths of it. I never finished that first plainly run end to end field run hydraulic steering line rupturing. Nuts! Bro miles away looking for a piece of the hay rake I had lost a couple days ago was no immediate help to me. I either had to wait r shanks-mare it ¾ mile for home. I chose to walk it. The sooner I could remove the broken part the sooner I could put the tractor back together again. Was fun-fun-fun removing side hood panels, battery cover, dash cover, and a blind panel below the instrument cluster. Even though I had returned in my Ugly truck with my field tools aboard, once I got into the tractor’s hidden inner structures I found I needed some more tools, specialty tools. Primarily a crowfoot wrench, a socket reducer and a big-a breaker bar, expecting the worst, that hydraulic fitting’s nut came loose quicker than I had thought it would. Thinking I had it made all I needed do was slip/slide away the offended hydraulic line. Wrong-o! There was hidden in years of accumulated dirt and grease a invisible hold down clamp requiring a search and hardly a rescue the two nuts and bolts. Taking two hours to get it out it was to late at 5:00PM to even consider any hose fix or replacement. Looks like some haying is about to be curtailed for a few days. Could also be some modifications in farm haying operations?
The lost hay rake part found. It’s now rubber strapped
to the tongue. I brought out the Krapsman lawn tractor and mowed some the lawn behind the house.
I emptied the Cushman somewhat. Ugly gets tidied up some tomorrow. I need some cargo space for feed grind supplements. Yup, I got-a grind tomorrow.
Darn if I’m not pooped, tired, or exhausted. Must turn in calf muscles behaving strangely this evening.Other than the grind I’m letting the rest of tomorrow’s planning slid for now.

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