Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick norning update

It’s not often I‘m any to quick. Just wanting to complete last evening’s urinal entry sliding on home base during my daily game of life. So, I’m gonna strike at a couple issues crossing our homes plate. Over a phone call between collaborators, Far, Sneaky Pete’s, older brother and I talked about truck rental options for, Sneaks, move. So, Far is about to price a one and two way adventuring move for Sneak. Now Sneak wants Far to ride with him as he don’t want to drive alone. WHAT? Sneak’s wanting a long haul trucking career is skidish about a 200 mile crossing peninsular jaunt bounded on both sides by wet water?! Now if he were to take the right road (M57) it’ll end some 70 miles short his getting his feet wet. Oh what the heck, got to have some fun with my boys.
Last thing I did for myself lat night, feeling a couple cramps coming on in both my legs calves I took a Valium. IT worked exceptionally well. Not only had I avoided sufferin' a couple mean calf grabbing unwanted attention cramps I slept like a log waking later than usual this morning. Taking on board my rattlers first, A quick sit down to wit this, dress in participation to choke down a quick milked down breakfast, I got to get out of here. Finding ladies evening last where I hadn’t meant them to be, I’ve got some fences to ride.
Oh yeah….., Shane having assisted in the AC’s hay-rake last night’s tidying up, as soon as the dew has dried off this AM we both’ll take to field raking hay, my hopefully able to make a whole bunch of dry hay bales across four fields.
ONE 1900/1500* pound RANT:
When the sun was creeping down low beyond the western tree lines, Shane and I up righted a couple tipped over hay bales. Cussed cretins unknowingly thinking they were acting smart could have caused some endangering field fires. How? I’ll tell ya how! Tipped up on edge their flat side up, the rounded surfaces no longer acting like the inner bales centers, they could very possible not over be mold filled ruined but could well chance soaked in enough unwanted rain water to cause those bales to go through another heat perhaps becoming hot enough to combustably burst into flame. Pranksters thoughtlessly could have denied some animals their winter feed and started field fires as well endangering wildlife and people their homes and property.
Sheesh! I can’t believe I’ve written this whole thing. I’d better make this an early morning posting and wit another entry for this evenings urinal report….!!!!
*1900/1500 pound = *Wet/dry poundage’s.

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