Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Same day

Forgot for a moment what I did with my morning. I fired up the 4-180 White tractor and drove over to the site where I had buried the tractor and mower last night. It took longer hooking up the chain than it took the 4-180 to snatch my mess out of the mud. Eventually I got home for lunch. Rains forecast for this evening I laid off cutting more hay.
Putting in shop time I put the Krapsman’s mower deck together and hung it under the tractor’s frame. Fix hood another day. Job done.
Played with Cushman’s brakes making little to no headway. Studied situation, the geometry between the foot peddle and master cylinder needs some serous rethinking. Job temporarily done.
Replaced the starter on Ugly’s engine. Only two hands, one holding up the starter the other hand holding in turns installed a couple bolts and wrenched them tight. While I was down under doing this parts change…..I fed a mosquito I couldn’t put out of my misery. Thought finished, Ugly’s electrical system was dead. Back out and back-under I had forgotten to bolt battery cable to the starter. I had to laugh in-spite of myself. (hahahohohehe). Job done.
Did a few other insignificant things, had to have been, I don’t remember what they were, but they had to have been important it took me an hour to do them. Then I broke for home.
Home I took a monstrous tea break. I needed it. I also needed to bale hay Glass emptied a good day thus far, what could go wrong.
Underway, the very first bale I rolled I had forgotten tie. Oh shoot, to late once it’s out of the baler. I tested it 13.4% moisture content the whole thing but for one little spot. I remember the exact spot picking a wad of wet hay out of the only water puddle I had crossed. Out o about a good half dozen rolled bales I had two plugs. And one more for good measure. The last one was the dusy. I had rolled the bale alright in it included two baler belt. (phooey, phooey, phooey) By the time had perhaps retrieved the belts, made new arrangements to keep the ladies happily eating (fed). And move all the principle chunks o the shop We’d never gotten the baler fixed before dark. Shucks, I called it, fixing may take place while the dew dries come morning. Supper was at 8:00 PM this nite.

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