Saturday, June 18, 2011

What to do….
Other than boasting my age my way a couple times my life's gift day I was to busy to get out, get off, or rally a proper celebration. What’d I do? By time I got in, got free, and relaxed, I lasted long enough to eat my supper and immediately fell asleep. So much for an old coot's BirthDay celebration. Thank You everyone for the burped day wishes.
I’ve a special I love you Thank You for parents, a long time gone so many years, missing this.
Is true, I thought about what my Father and Mother had given, sacrificed, and learned me. I’d never gotten here without them. I had been truly blessed
I’ve checked four weather reports again. I don’t believe them. Looking ove a couple national maps, unable to hay wit broken tractor, I may work and plant another one time Summer hay field.. Hmmm, just in case one of us is wronger than the other three. (LOL)
“Good morning.” she’d said. “Feel any older?” she’d asked.
Having waited out my rattlers, ‘tis time to eat, dress and hit the fields. All’s ready to go. Day freed of haying, got ground work and plant. 8:00AM until later…..
The Vassar Rd. site crop land attacked with 2150’s full bore gust I had it worked up in less than two hours. The 4010 JD I had asked for has never arrived, my having to go go for it myself. It was a simple turn around disk parked my yard the drag was my turn around drive. Half way field’s return Murphy had gotten on board blowing out drag’s built in transport tire. Not having spare like rim’n’tire of our own I made an unrecognizable phone call disguised as a rest break in the heat. Mr. Roger’s had one. (grin) It’d be the same tire and rim I had borrow off his tractor a couple years ago to haul our hay crop in. Viva la Mr. Roger’s, he’s also the elevator owner I had visited first thing this AM for grinding supplements. Sorry I had forgotten to mention that was first thing. As it worked out when that tire blew I had rolled to a stop under a very shady roadside tree. The tree took some of the sting out the sun’s boiling my blood or was it extract? It also happened while I had removed all six lug nuts with a 32” by an 1½” torque amplifier. Now add a gentleman across the street watching over the scene brought out a sledge hammer to knock off the rim. Next he hauled out his compressor and power cord to the end of his drive bringing with him an air wrench. Crossing the street he had brought with him an air hose and helped me mount the borrowed spare. His help eased some of the flattened tire bite.
On to the field dropping the drags wings we found one radius rod about going to rub or hinder the new spare’s free rolling. Nut’s it was back to the shop to include picking up my truck and 8 tubs grass clipping for some bovine treats. They go for this stuff like it were fresh salad. Shucks, I missed a golden opportunity to picture the method* we’d used to straighten that strut.
Strut loaded on Ugly’s back along with a can of oil for hydraulics the JD’s steering had gotten sticky during this morning’s drive. And Having called Mr’ Rogers with an added explanation our failure to get back to his place of business he had said we wanted to do something else. Hey, to hold onto such a friendship far be it from me to stingy it up.
Elevator closing time come and gone, Ugly loaded,it was more than a good time to have lunch. There in I’m wondering Murphy hadn’t gotten me a forth time.
I had piled my plate with all manner of goodies including an orange for desert. Then having gone something like this I had eaten everything but the orange. Ext thing I knew I was waking from a short nap. Sure beat challenging the heat. But waking up my orange had disappeared. What the? I thought I had laid it in my lap? I know I had laid it in my lap! About then Her Mostess had decided to join me. Seeing my perplexity she though I didn’t have all my faculties together. She suggested I never had an orange. I knew what I had had and I said so. Get out another one she suggested. Oh no, not mean orange is an orange, it’s got to be here somewhere….and I know I didn’t eat it peal and all!!!!
My carcass on the move again I ground the needed grain. By the time I’d finished putting things away it was getting onto rattler time. Another ice tea’d go good also. Putting in my hour’s wait I ate my supper and checked the downed hays for moisture content. I’d sure like to bale my hay tomorrow without having to rake it.

*Method for straightening one badly bent strut. Mind you, that strut bent was the way it had come into our possession. So it was a needed correction long before our use.
Our fist attempt was holding it just so as Brother tried driving over it. I must explain our failure was primarily do to the fact that that strut had a two way (compound bend in it. So it was the ends kept skipping out from under the pressure of the skid-steers wheels the ends of that piece of steel repeatedly sliding away in the driveway‘s gravel and sand. We had to find another method. Brother thought we might make use of the old LaFrance Fire Engine. Just looking at the engine there was no way. Okay what if we tried putting one end over one fork of the forklift’s forks and the other end under the remaining fork. Then apply down pressure. OMG it worked, even to positioning the square tubing on edge in the forks. Perhaps with a dozen or more adjustments moving that bent tube theoretically the back’n’forths, ins’n’outs, and those ups’n’downs between those forks we had brought that bent tube with a ¼” of being straight, both ways. It was pure genius the manner and resourcefulness exercised achieving the result we had achieved.

One more thing:
Took a picture my involvement working a field for planting under constant scrutiny. With so many souls keeping an eye on my endeavors, I thought I was working a government job. In this case a hundred overseers and I the one worker.
Quoting Red Buttons, “Ha ha ho ho he he, strange things are happening.”

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