Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tyre’s Trouble

That leaking rim I wrote about last night? Bro’ welded on it seven times the seven times I broke it down after finding another leak each time we had put it back together. ‘Tws 1:00 PM when I’d/we’d finished getting that rim with a brand new tire on it to quit leaking and holding air!
Was fishy what I had for lunch, with cheezy scalped tators, bread and butter pickles with a corn muffin.
Along about 1:45 PM I went to mowing hay. Right or wrong rain Monday-nite/Tuesday-morn may or may not happen. Gonna cut like I got a weeks dryin’ weather. Who’s knows? I just might?
Roughly 2:00 PM on I went to cutting hay. Left Ugly in last field I had baled hay and went to mowing the remainder 4 acres hay left there. Those 4 acres will take three days drying provided we have no weather guesser’s forecasted rains Monday/Tuesday. Next I headed for home taking on mowing the bottoms working my way into the wettest center. Somewhere in there I hit a rock taking out five rotary turtle blades. Yeah sure. Ugly’s 3/4mile away. Traffic on our road all morning likely. Working the fields I’d been seeing deer, turkeys, a coyote, numerous song birds even heard the hoot of an owl. Now that I’m hoofing it there weren’t a motorist in sight. I walked the whole distance. Noticed dragging hay wagon all four tires all up. Oddly enough watching that right rear corner the wagon that’s the corner that extra heavily series of holes were welded shut. That wheel so out of balance the wagon following Ugly is, one happily hippity hoping along liken a Colorado Jack-a-lope, and secondly likely has the SMV* plate on the wagon’s back a shacking a constant blur could cause any following motorist to wonder about his sight. Getting back to the mower after having gone shop for mower parts it weren’t but about a half hour making fix and I was back to teasing that mower towards the lower wetter watered collection site. Finishing there unstuck while was ahead I’d guess this area mowed 5 acres. It’ll take at least 4days to dry this including the use of a hay raking.
Moving right along moved the machinery through a standing row of old oaks to a broken in back field another 4 acres downed, this cut light enough may dry in four days without a raking.
Lastly I took on the that way out back magic alfalfa/orchard-grass 50/50% mix. 25/30 years it’s been there dependable as sure as the Sun’ll come up each morning. That 5acre cut was heavy, the heaviest I can ever remember its grown strong on all our Spring rains. This field could take all of five days drying. A rake may be needed to help it at that.
Getting in at 8:00 PM I was hungrier than a Spring bear. Make that a bear cub. I didn’t eat all that much although I had the durndest craving for a whole refrigerated can of halved Apricots all to myself. Hmmm good, Wished that can a little bigger….but then it might made for a fast first call come morning. Might be a good idea cut me off a chunk of cheese.
Youngest son ready to come up on the farm and help us. I could use his help house and field wise. There’s plenty for him to do around her while he looks for his dream job from here.
Now, all I got-a do is figure out how my going to go get him. Maybe leave early one afternoon my driving down there the backroads. Come home next morning, Sneaky Pete, doing the driving us back. Got another idea…maybe rent a truck. Then I needn’t worry about whether Ugly will make it both ways? Or maybe Sneak rents a truck one way. Hmmm, Guess I’d better make some phone calls….to see what’s cooken?
*SMV = Slow Moving Vehicle sign.

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Paula said...

Hope you do get the help you need. You have your hands full doing housework and all your outside work too.