Monday, June 20, 2011

For KC:

Hi KC:
(I know I was never ever going to do these things again. But, a good story has got to be told. And, here it is.)

I’ve been recently working some ground near here for a summer’s sudex hay planting. This morning I put the final touches on the field in preparation for planting the seed. While I broadcasteda mix of seed and fertilizer every time I stepped down from the tractor to check the equipment. Doing so each time I checked the fertilizer spreader, the seed’s delivery I picked up all these odd looking dimpled eggs in gobs and bunches all over the field. It is as if these weird golf creatures had been nest the last couple days. Or, maybe while I was working the ground perhaps I had uncovered them buried to let the warm earth to hatch out like Michigan turtles or displaced Georgian gators.
What I want to know is what you think about my attempt to incubate these things to see what comes out and at what temperatures at that?
Fernan ;^)


Paula said...

I think this is one of your jokes Fernan but go ahead and incubate them and see what you get.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Fern you gonna have some baby golfballs is what your gonna have if you hatch those ;) You crack me up. Are those your old golf balls or someone elses? Good to hear from you over on FB. I am quite the busy gal these days and don't blog like I ought to, I know shame on me. I got plenty to talk about too, just no time to sit and talk about it! ;) Love y'all!

KellyGa said...

Good grief, that was me in the above comment Fern

Kelly (KC)