Thursday, June 30, 2011

_ell of a Day

Out the door I had gone via neighbor’s invitation for some grocery shoppen. Somebody asks if want to go, you can betch’em I go. Oh I trust Ugly about as far away as I can see it. Enough said.
Home for the legitimate lunch hour I had me a cold lunch, grabbed some cold water and was off for my Shorthorn country outback. By gum, all the troubles I had had with the Vermeer 605 yesterday was yesterday. This afternoon I finally figured out what had been done wrong or if said plainer I had dummied the operation. Today I had remembered the correct/proper procedure, intailing the taking the proper time to let the machine do its own thing in its own sweet time. What else should I expect? It’s been likely six years since I’ve used that old jewel. Anyway I got the hay baling job done for today.
Just getting into the mystery 50/50hay field coming around the first corner my mind to slow to react to bringing out my camera I saw ahead of me mom’n’pop coyote with five’r’six pups. Seeing them with one bad eye, its hard telling whether I was seeing 5’r’6 them guys. I might have seen (counted) one of them twice with my good eye. (grin) Gosh they were beautiful wild animals, beautiful, coats sleek and healthy looking varmints everyone of them. It be time I calls my varmint catcher. Oh, that was the start of my first round.
As I went about the field on my forth round happening to look out across an earlier day harvested field I saw a beautiful long legged doe looping along with her fawn near to behind her. Then oddly enough for some unknown reason (my tractor maybe?) the fawn stopped, did an about turn and disappeared. Laid down? Ran on ground low enough I couldn’t see its retreat? A moment or two later the doe returned back out to the openness of the field, Stopped once/twice each time striking a pose any Disney artist could have drawn the Bambi characters from. It was a second beautiful wildlife scene that while it only lasted mere moments the images still remain burned into my memory. May I never forget this day’s warmer moments.
Ha! Later the baler, perhaps picking up apiece of wood or such, did a jamming something or other and twisted a couple belts a-way out of alignment. Shucks! I reluctantly called it quits going to the house and farmyard. Then had to make a quick trip to shop for a come-along. With it I eased the tension upon the belts to twist them back as they should be to run true to the machines like to make again nicely rounded full tall standing hay bales. I finished all my baling, for the present.
When I had been making fix the old 605 baler I ha taken my rattlers. Enough time had passed had become famished. I ate. Supper finished I went back outside and installed a new drive chain in the newer 554 baler making it ready for next time.
The sun going down my shadow getten over forty foot tall, that was same way I was feeling having lived/experienced a good day. Oh, had I mentioned seeing turkeys and an uncountable number of wabbits? I’ll take as many more of these days as I may glean.

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