Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What is it about some of the better dumb stunts a body can do? I’m one individual who’s capable of performing the really classical repeat performances. Take for instance I couldn’t remember what I had done with yesterday’s morning. Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve no idea what I did with my entire morning today either. Sheesh!
Uh! How about I rake a small stab at a couple this morning’s activities. Was honestly surprised we had gotten much rain evening last with it’s highly poured all over us start. Checking some windrows, a couple days they’ll be dried out again including the field we hadn’t raked a first time. This last field (the magic field) it has gone beyond the rake-able moment. 50/50 legume and grass A rake now we’d loose the highly prized legume leaves.
Okay here it comes: Yesterday morning stepping into the barn to feed the cats, there in by the entry stood an odd colored kitten. My reaching down to pick it up for a closer look. It made a flat foot leap straight up in the air and when its feet hit the floor it was gone. I didn’t even have a chance to see which way it had gone.
This morning the same kitten was in the very vicinity where I feed the cats daily. I reached down and picked up the kitten. My success was short lived. Seeing the poor critters eyes caked matter shut the kitten had no chance getting away from me. So…., I took the poor thing up to the house for Frieda to tend. Coming back a couple hours later that animal had turned our home into its own, clear eyed and all, even taking Frieda to her own. The kitten so darn thin and scrawny Frieda had me open a can condensed milk and poured a bowl some.
Afternoon we’re on the road. Shane wanting to see me the tractor and rotary mower in action and how it goes was going also. For our afternoon’s entertainment I headed back to that same field I had buried this tractor and mower in about three weeks ago. Having mowed most the field thinking I had avoided the sinister wet spot, it had found me again when I was only minutes away fro being done. We must have spent the next two and one half hours pulling the gone after 4-180 White tractor. Batteries in 1850 Schulz Ollie dead we ran Ugly out of gas trying to futilely charge the batteries enough to restart Ollie to finish the mow and go home. So then it was another trip home our only running ride the 180-4 we traded off for the Cushman loaded with gas cans and funnels. It was 8:00 PM when I finally made it home including answering Frieda’s Cell-ing me to even stop and borrow two beers from a neighbor. Oh, the things/matters/messes I get myself into.

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Paula said...

Maybe Frieda is going to make beer bread or beer rice. Both very good.