Monday, June 13, 2011

Average best kid’s Day

This date was one of my best date days as I was growing up. It was the latest average day’s date the last day of consolidated schooling when I was a kid. Of course while I were going to country school we were out more than a coupe weeks earlier in time to be of some real help working ground and planting farm crops and Mom‘s kitchen garden.
Then you may think that was that. You may even imagine Summer’s playtime welcoming. Ha, fat chance. I don’t remember exact dates from so long ago, but I still remember some of the routine. All the seeds in it were asparagus, following strawberries, followed by blackcaps between Spring Haying’s, followed by ho hoe hoeing and cultivating. Let us not forget blue berries, followed by some early garden vegetables. Any produce picked was immediately put to two uses the first one to kitchen canning, and secondly to one late week day door to door peddling. These moneys paid our school clothes, the Keds (shoes) the tops what rotted off our feet Oh yes those were busy days.
School vacation time? I’d like to know who thought that one up? Propaganda is what that was! Vacation my _____! Maybe one day towards the end of August to get together with my mates, only to learn their lives had paralleled my own. It was the one day we could gather together to try and get into enough trouble we could talk it, stretch it out as having been an all Summer’s long adventure. (grin)
This morning as prearranged with, Handy, he spent the morning helping me lace the ends of the 14” baler belt. It ticked my off that I hadn’t thought of it before. But it was much easier pressing on the short filler first instead of last. So, okay I’ll know better next time. Then it was lunch time.
After lunch Shane joined me after I had gotten started threading the belts up’n’down over under the umpteen rollers what expand while compacting the hay bale the machine’s rolling to the finished product size. It was well into past the supper hour when we’d had gotten the 554 Vermeer baler ready to literally roll. (grin) It was time to take t home. I thought I had a ride back for Ugly. If I wanted my Ugly truck handily parked out here a particular couple of ya-who’s had thoughtlessly abandoned me to travel via shank’s-mare. Determined to bring it home I took to the road on foot. Damn it, I’ve got to get me a couple bikes just for days like this.

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