Saturday, June 11, 2011

“Lost parts found….

…..,“ my brother tells me. “I picked them up right where you dropped them.” he had gone on to say.
I expect there was a bit of skulduggery here. I had explained before he had gone out thee to look I had already put in over two hours. I had also explained we’d had some strong breezes blowing the windrows round, making clean picking up windrows a bit difficult for the baler to get a hold of them. I had added seeing as how some of that hay had been blown around the parts might have fallen off and the baler tire had packed them out of sight under the maverick blown about hay. I know he wasn’t about to go one legged hand raking loose grasses to look underneath them. So, seas how he’s buddy-buddy with Chip, and chip has a rather sophisticated metal detector, Bro” most likely took Chip and his machine along for a ride.
It were some time later, Bro’ made his boastful announcement without a how he’d found them explanation. Butt, I have my idea-r’s suspicion.
Some haying halted for two baler repairs I stooped to fixing weed whackers. The damaged parts replaced in the extend-o lawn trimmer. It’s starter rewinder is marvelously working like it should. Whooppee! Sure easier getting something done with the equipments proper cooperation. So getting back here I used my revitalized originally purchase trimmed fitted with a three knive-d steel blade. It isn’t a piece of equipment to be using with anyone else around. So dangerous, I’ve even painted that steel blade a bright yeller to be easily seen. My ability to see that bright color I know where the durn thing is making it easier avoiding any dangerous entanglements with steel fence posts, trees and/or other un-discussed limbs. Caefully watching my trim activity I clean the closs corners as clean growing vegetation’ll let me. Lastly I put the new Spring mower purchase back on the Ford tractor and used it to clean up and out the long hauls I had avoided when the ground in those areas were under standing water. Shucks, I even managed to cut about another whole acre ground to complete the pasture area of the western most Pasture.
Well all’s no rosy yet in Shorthorn country. Now I need to set electric fence posts around these two mown hayed pasture fields. So I’ve got to get off my duff having come in for a tea chasing my rattlers taking. Now I must better unload the Cushman it’s over loaded necessities and restock it with the more currently needed items: electric fence posts, 3# single jack, leather left handed glove for bruise control (from single jack misses), insulators, and the wire belaying axle wire loading arm. This’ll make the Cushman ready to setting fences the early and in-between hours.
All the baled hay’ll be hauled in before this day’s
It’s gonna be warmed up hamburger steak for tonight’s supper. Then its bed time.

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