Sunday, June 12, 2011

To early

Gosh all mighty, 3:00 AM and I’ve been up two hours already. It ain’t right. It’s dark and I can’t see a durned thing. And admittedly not looking to either complete something old or start anything new.
Well okay, going to modify my normal routine. Have just sorted my day’s rattlers. I’m going to do away with the Morning’s offering with a slug of water an hour early and lay it back down. If I should drift off, so be it. When I re-awake I’ll have put in my hour’s wait. A fifteen sitting upright I’ll be three quarters an hour ahead of time ready to choke down one-a-mine preparations. May the spirits have mercy.
I’ve another title for this entry….”What?”
While Brother’s been approached a couple/three days ago about mowing a local airport, that’s where he’s at now. But I can guarantee he’ll likely never get off the ground.
I his absence I’ve been trustingly delegated to splice the baler belts. While he’d suggested they couldn’t be single handed handled I’m working on them by myself for a starter. It’s all in setting up an easy approach to handling any job.
The narrow belt was a snap to doing the splicing lacings. The 14” wide belt is a bear to do requiring two more hands to stuff the thing back into the 10” lacing tool for the last 4” the connecting pieces. It’s the moving the mechanically laced belt over reinstalling it in the vice a second time to complete the width of the whole thing. (if I’ve made any sense) Once both belts have had their reduced ends and re-lengthening inserts fixed threading the belts back into the baler is a fun gymnastic event. While the event wot draw a crowd of spectators when we’ve finished we’ll know what we’ve done. (grin)
Talked to Tom in Florida today. He’s finally getting treatments for all his illnesses. Wholesale like at that. He undergoes back surgery early this week for a crushed vertebra. While he’s in the hospital his heart issues may be taken care of with some stints. He’s also supposed to be started on some treatment to check his lymphoma. He figures if he wants to live he’s got to go the whole gambit of treatments rat now to survive. Gosh anybody having an in with the Big Guy upstairs put in kind word for, Tom, while you! Please!
Home late, rattlers taken late, somebody else around here talking pizza, pizza started is dumped on me. Okay, I commenced to build one: self rising dough, American cheese, sliced sausages, lots of olives, topped with grand chunks pineapple. Also baking a pumpkin pie for bedtime snack.
I can’t wit no more.

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