Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hey hay

Slept good, so good I slept rat up to 7:30 AM. Ouch! Sorted, took my rattlers, waited hat hour dressed, small chores gotten out of way, when braking an all night fast time rolled along, I ate a quick pint glass oats wet in with milk covering the grain flakes. Half chewen, half drinking, half swilling, it were gone in two blinks of an eye. Don’t matter which one, either eye would do.
So fed short time, headen down the road, Bro’s ramroding today. First order put the disk back together the parts found fallen apart evening last. Yep he’s got it well organized. He’s not tool one, I have to furnish. His trying to back disk to drag, a dozen attempts he finally got lucky. Has he dot a hammer? No! I got-a furnish. Disk wings swung down an bolted, bolts in tractor tool box, he got wrenches? Nope. I got-a furnish wrenches. Struts needing bolting, Bro’ got a 2x4 for pry? Nope! I got-a drive home for one. What blisters my butt, If he’s gonna do it? Then he should do it!!! Instead wasting my time. Well, as the day wore on and he finally figured it out he’d fowled up h let me go my way and let his own way fall down. Darn it if he’s gonna do it, DO-IT!
My filled up to the gills with Bro’s idleness I split. Took care something, damifiknowwhatitwas, moved on to raking hay Did it in 2 1/2hrs running lil’ Ford in road gear. My part taken care of for a couple hours checking with Bro’ he’d faulted his parts. I don’t know? So he’s going to call it a day. He suggests taking me home (I had delivered the abused old IH hay rake to shop for repairs). Then tells me he’s got to go store. That was fine with me. Take me along. Save me a trip anyways. Then did it different buying three gallon milk instead of two. Make milk runs further in between. Shopping done, taken home, groceries unloaded, put away a glass milk and a bottle cold water fixed to go I tried rollin’ a bale. Checked 15% moisture content. ‘Twas no point stopping until I had baled the whole field. I finished 7:?? something.
And, and, and to go with that Valium I took some hours ago after my Ford ride hay raken I’ve just now popped a top on a cool refrigerated Red Pop. My giving everything a moment or to to-correlate, I should be feeling real good shortly.

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Paula said...

We call 'em Big Red down here and they taste good on a hot day.