Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hey I’m a Rake

Frieda and I both slept good last night. Woke up to sunshine. Did the usual breakfast thing, her her’s and me mine.
Early morn phone call the bovine youngsters in adjacent pens were being problem off-spring, The girls were at a gate egging a singular bull on. He (the bull) was trying to climb the gate. Oh Lawd, Spring romance scents were in the air. I had to muster it up and hit the road to do something about it.
On the scene I quickly fixed hot wire anchorages and strung hot wires. There’s something about a hot wire discourages a many elicit behavior in addition to keeping the populace honest and at home.
After a cold lunch, I went back down the road, this time to do something right or wrong with my favorite AC* hay rake. Move it up to the shop and take it apart. I moved up to the shop alright; and, and without kibitzers (on looking know it alls) I sat down with the AC’s owners manual, its diagrams, my comfortable chair, and looked from one thing to the other and back again. Up and down from my chair I looked again and again at the machines working a hand on this gear or the basket moving things to’n’fro. Ah ha, I figured it out, the missing (lost) parts that had caused the machine to fail doing its hay raking thing. Then it was how to take it apart. I repeatedly studied both ends the reel, and decided to merely remove four bolts for a bearing suport. Then I pushed, shove, and pried on Hell of a lot to spread the basked away from the drive geared end exposing the areas for missing parts. I made a new key for the one missing and rounded up two bolts that help hold the whole of the mechanism together. The key in place the real fun began driving the two ends together. I had managed to close two-thirds the distance the major parts needed to go together, then failure. I needed another hand. I drafted Jake (4H kid). I gave him a heavy hammer and a hardwood block and showed him where he could have himself a swinging good time. I stuck a bar in the other end for back up and Jake drove the pieces together. Hungry I broke for supper. It’ll be a mere snap to finish up the wrenching when I got back to it. With two working hay rakes I should have my baling done before tomorrow night’s forecasted rains. ‘Tain’t nothing like doing-it/working-it down to the wire.
One or two more lines: Home and in 9:25 PM. The AC hay rake is fully functional and parked in a hay field along my way home. Pulling into the driveway I see my ladies where they don’t belong! What the? I do a temporary fix on a segment of fence making sure their boundary’s closed in for the night, so’s they are where they belong, somewhat. Well, at least inside some form of boundary. (grin)

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Paula said...

Those ladies are always intent on having their way, huh?