Monday, June 6, 2011

Got to much….

….to do about nothing. My memory so short I’m not sure I‘ve accomplished anything thus far today. The morning’s start was my banking the drier with sopping wet cloths. I needed a few dry things to make trip to Doc’s office. Was also involved with more shop duties. Ah, I remember, I serviced a couple tractors. Greasing them and topping off fluids. Delivered 4010 JD a-field and used an 1850 Ollie to go elevator for mixed seed with fertilizer. Then drove it on to spread the same. Seed spread changed implements around upon a couple tractors and left Shane to set the seed. I had to run, clean, up, and hit the road…..Would you believe I’m running late now trying to let my physical matter catch up to reality. I’m hungry and got to postpone lunch.
Well, I made it within five minutes or so keeping my appointment. The waiting room was full. Chairs a premium I took the last one and was immediately called in for my appointed time somewhere around two hours later. There’s anything I hate it is being rushed. Picking up a Field And Stream magazine taking my chair I eventually started falling asleep bobbing back and forth on my chair clutching that Field And Stream. If anybody else had wanted to read it they’d had to pry it out of my hand.
When I was finally called, unbeknownst to me Handy had also joined the waiting room crowd. If it hadn’t been for Handy raising the dead in my resurrection, I might have spent the night locked in Doc’s outer waiting room. It must have been close to 7:00 PM before I still had a sense it was still daylight in wherever it was I was being held captive for an x-ray, an EKG, and enough blood letting the pretty miss siphoning me off was beginning to look pretty good to an old fool the likes of myself. I was there so long dancing to the tune “You can’t leave until you’ve given us a specimen.” I figured I might just as well wait for Handy and take him home with me, He only lived a few days down the way from me anyway.
Upon getting all out scrip’s settled including four extensions for Her Mostess, my calling the druggist they be ready for me I an hour and a half. For crying out-load I had a funeral to officiate. I had promised. Guess I’ll pick up the scrip’s tomorrow. Maybe I can pick me up another starter as well. That’ll make the second trip into Otisville more reasonably necessary. Got-a think positively making each run an economical one.
Eventually making it for home driving right on by I was treated to an ice-cream sandwich. It was good to one of them premium like types two extra rich chocolate cookies sandwiched over a even richer slab of vanilla ice-cream. Yum!
Darkness descending I couldn’t finish the burial. That’s alright. I been given more time to work on the eulogy. Getting home it was good and dark when I parked the Cushman in the barn, Next I got in the house just in time to tell her Ladyship “Good night.” Whatever it was I was going to have for a combined belated meals I rummaged through the frig and found a something to warm up. Whatever it was it was alright eaten dually chased with a whole quart of milk.
Good gosh golly, I’m thinking exhaustion. Bed time.

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Paula said...

You just had to mention that icecream sandwich didn't you?