Saturday, June 4, 2011

6-3-2011 Busy

Out earlier than my usual, first task of the day Bring the Hay baler out of the barn. This involved moving everything between it and the front door. Was okay it went smoothly enough. Everything ship shape. It was time to move it on down to the shop.
In here somewhere I had contacted, Handy, to ride with me to check fences before turning the ladies out on the old RR right-way. I get to his house and his mom had decided she needed go hospital. He was to call ambulance. He was supposed to call me later.
Second task of the day I brought out the assist in 2150 Ollie fix. I removed the plugged (machine not getting fuel part), Bro’ cleaned it and made a screen stand pipe for it (in it/on it), put it back in replacing the modified part.
About time I had finished servicing hay baler everything supposedly ready to go the tall Ollie’s hydraulics failed to open the baler tail gate. It is out of this big-a gate the made and tied Hay bale is rolled out onto the earth for later transport. Bro’ took to make fix. Sheesh, while he was poking his nose in the book of baler instructions and calling the baler dealer, Shawn*, and I borrowed (replacing piece for piece) a female outlet part off a temporarily laid up Ollie (flat driver tire). So, I had it working when I had the time, in a manner to wit I had been originally denied to know knowing. Sheesh, some people.
Every thing FINALLY ready to roll we were all off and on the road with a convey of farm machinery, one to work ground, one to make hay. Shane, upon instruction, operated his first farm tractor a-field (a big-a one at that) into evening. Leaving Shane behind, doing his thing, I went onto the mowen hay field.
Third thing I did I took my lonesome being, Handy never called me, and rode old RR line fences. Gosh almighty the deer sure had been busy knocking off hot wire insulators. A half dozen replaced I let the ladies have what they’d been wanting me to turn them into for the hour I was at it. What a bunch of BIG MOUTHS! 3:00 PM I finally got to grab a sandwich for lunch.
Forth my thing for the day I rolled up one bale, one round, skimpy hay om the farm’s longest field and it tested wet, 29% to 44%. Darn, darn, darn! That bale should either be fed out right away or wrapped. The wrapper not set up that leaves….. There was no more dry hay baling this day.
Going back to shop I could ready the 4010 JD (our reduced to utility tractor) off the five bottom plow movement and use it to bring out a Spring tooth drag for smooth finishing the second days disking. Was great JD’s batteries were dead. The HD battery charger an hour on JD, I worked on the Krapsman mower deck readying it closer to renewed use knocking down my ever wildly gowning lawn. Toughest part of the afternoon was finding a single hitch pin to hook the drag to tractor. One these days somebody around here has got to make some more rainy day job hitch pins.
Getting in late about 12 working hours spent a-field, shop, riding fences, tractor times, and grumbling other’s short sights it been a long day. And slept almost eleven the hours that day’s very night. Sure’d like to know what wore me down?

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Paula said...

We have old rr right away on the ranch too.