Thursday, June 16, 2011

Truth be known

6-16-2011 I was blessed life.
I’m 15 (fifteen) lustrums of age today. (grin) Let me see another lustrum and I’ll admit to another age.
Oh, I’ve got a paper with my vitals neatly written upon it but I like my parents rendition better, and some last hearsay comments I’ve heard over the years.
The way dad told it my coming into the world was not without announcement. He’d told me Not only had my Mother walled and yelled throughout my delivery, she had also verbally rendered my Father’s complete linage. All her mearmanderings
easily heard in a radius-ed distance of three blocks.
The stupidest question I have ever imagined the demist, “Why were you born there?” Golly Gee Wiz, why not? I was born right there where my mother had happened to be.
Okay, I shall make a short story out of it. It was depression recovery times. My parents country folk at heart reluctantly moved from So. Haven, mi. in an Maxwell car dad had assembled out of two he had horse drawn up from a marsh aside the black river. (that marsh has since been filled in and municipally used , park with boat ramp, and commercial use now; but I remember seeing near as it was once upon a time) The back half of the sedan body cut away, dad built a flat deck behind enough of the body left to cover the driver/passenger seat. Leaving their loved ones behind they set out on the many a sand, dirt, and gravel roads that crossed the state at that time headed for Detroit. The HM truck loaded with what meger personal belongings they possessed plus a box of odd tools, all the spare rims and tires Dad had salvaged, they rolled into Detroit out of gas on steel rims until what was left of that Maxwell rolled to downtown stop. Luckily they were but a short distance from a marine buddy’s home a couple blocks away. How they had managed their belongings from there I may only imagine or theorize. I would in later years call this gentleman Uncle Julius. His mom accepted my not yet parents with open arms as the additional children she’d never had.
Both of them immediately looked for work. Mom went to work in a nearby five and dime store. Dad reported to the auto manufactures gates every morning (a gear and axle plant and a body plant) whatever the boss of that day wanted that’s what my dad was for that day, whether he ever seen or done it before. There were no unions in those days.
By and by Dad found a steady job working in a travel trailer factory. Saving their dollars the found a fifth floor apartment on the top of a building just around the corner from Julius’s. For heat they had to carry coal up six flights stairs to burn. For hot water they lit a gas burner under a hot water tank they had to distinguish after ward. Dad’s job working out well they decided they could start a family. I was the first.
They continued to save their dollars. One day they had a Terriplain car they parked in Julius‘s barn. The next part of this story I’ll continue another day.

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